Yansai Lake Scenic Area

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Yansai Lake Tourist Scenic Spot, namely, the Shihe Reservoir, lies at the foot of Yanshan Mountain with the ancient city and fortress on the neighborhood, in this sense, it got the name “Yansai Lake”. Yansai Lake Tourist Scenic Spot is one of the important component parts of the Longevity Mountain national forest park.

The locus of Yansai Lake Tourist Scenic Spot---Shihe is the natural barrier of Shanhai Pass. Many battles in history had broken out in this area, for example, in late Ming Dynasty, the uprising army made up of 200,000 country men led by Li Zicheng crossed the river from this point to raid Wu Sangui’s  army; and later in 1933, the patriotic general He Zhuguo roused here to fight against the Japanese troops.

In 1974, the central government built Shihe reservoir to save water, on the basis of which the present Yansai Lake took its shape in later years. The lake not only provides Qinhuangdao city with daily drinking water, but also has become a famous tourist attraction. The ecologic environment in this area is soundly preserved, and it has beautiful and attractive natural landscape, the lake winds for more than 30 km among the barrancas on the two banks, so it possesses both the steepness of the Three Gorges and the elegance of Guilin scenery. There are many scenic sights spread among the lake area, such as the 18 famous scenic spots, including the greeting-guest pine, the Camel peak, the mother and daughter peak, the Goddess bathing in the sun, fish leaping over the dragon gate, and Huatuo picking herbs, etc., wandering among these scenes, it seems that you are placed yourself in the Three Gorges and Guilin scenery at the same time, making you linger on and forget to return.

There is also a good place to view birds in Yansai Lake scenic area---Birds Talk Wood, in which there are more than 2,000 rare breeds of birds. In the wood, you can not only appreciate the birds’ art performance, but also have a chance to get in touch with birds in close quarters. In this way, you can experience a free and lightsome feeling of returning back to the arms of great nature, and sigh with great admiration for the beauty of the nature.

Solo Adventure Tips:


It lies at the foot of Yanshan Mountain with the ancient city and fortress at the neighborhood.

How to Get There?

You can take bus No. 25, No. 33 or No. 34 from Qinhuangdao city proper or Shanhai Guan city and get off at the Wulitai stop, then change to small buses to the lake area.

Ticket Price:

RMB 40

Opening Hours:

8:30 am to 6:00 pm.

More Tips:

Yansai Lake covers a broad water area, there are sightseeing yachts shuttling over the lake running through all the scenic spots on the lake

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