Qinhuangdao Travel Guide

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Qinhuangdao Overview

Qinhuangdao was originally an isolated island, but with the passing of time and through geologicial changes, it has now been connected with the mainland. It is said that when Emperor Qin Shihuang came here on his inspection tour to the east, this is where he sent his attendants to go further east to seek the Elixir of Life. As a result the place was named “Qinhuangdao (Qin Emperor Island)”.

Qinhuangdao Highlights

Qinhuangdao is surrounded by Bohai to the southeast and Yanshan Mountain to the north, with a total coastline of more than 120 km. It has many charming and picturesque natural sights. In the Shanhai Pass there are many scenic areas around the Great Wall, for example The Old Dragon Head, Meng Jiangnu Temple, Jiaoshan Mountain, The First Pass Under Heaven, The Longevity Mountain, and Yansai Lake. Anchored at the Old Dragon Head Scenic Area there is an old Russian military aircraft,  the “Kiev” , which has become a popular site for tourists. You can also go to “Shanhai Pass Joyous Ocean Park” to see the ocean scenery and the underwater world. Other popular sightseeing spots around Qinhuangdao includes the “Gold Coast”, Changli Great World of Sand Sculpture, Zushan Mountain and the Naidaihe Scenic Area.

The municipal government of Qinhuangdao city is located in Haigang to the southeast, which also is one of the world’s largest harbors, with an annual throughput of 124,000,000 tons.

Because of the air quality of Beidaihe Scenic Area (every cubic centimeter of air contains about 40,000 negative ions, which is 10 to 20 times higher than that of the ordinary cities) it has become a popular sanitorium.

All along the coastline of Qinhuangdao there are many beaches where you can go swimming, and where you can view beautiful sunrises and sunsets as well as the ebb and flow of the ocean.

Travel Tips

1. If you are traveling to Qinhuangdao in the summer there will be many tourists, and as a result the buses will be very crowded and the hotels might raise the prices of the rooms.

2. If you are a family or a group traveling together you can charter a taxi for the day. This it is not only very convenient but will also save you a lot of money. It costs about 100 yuan to charter a car for a day.

3. If you live in the area around Pigeon Nest in Beidaihe, which is a good place to view the sea and the sunrise, it is most convenient to take a taxi as there is no bus in the area.

4. If you are going to swim obey the rules of the beaches, and try to avoid swimming in areas where there are too many people.