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Qinhuangdao Food

Last updated by yourguide at 2017/5/16

Qinhuangdao was a coastal city, therefore seafood justly constitutes a larger proportion of its food. Tourists can enjoy various kinds of seafood cooked in different manners. Apart from seafood, there are  a great number of famous snacks with strong local flavor such as Sitiao Steamed Stuffed Bun, Two Elders'Sesame Paste Baked Cake.

Qinhuangdao Featured Food:

Baked Prawns

This dish chooses  the prawns grown in Beidai River as the raw material. It is featured by fresh and bright color, pure and strong fragrance, tender and soft flesh, as well as rich and abundant nutritious value.

Sitiao Steamed Stuffed Bun

Since the ancient shop was located on the Sitiao Street of the ancient city of Shanhai Guan, so it got the name Sitiao steamed stuffed bun. It is a highly famous fast food throughout the history for its distinctive flavor, which is pure but not strong, fat but not greasy.

Great Wall Boluo Cake

This kind of cake is made of the leaves of Boluo tree growing around the Great Wall, with some flour and three fresh delicacies added in the leaves. The skin of the cake appears a little transparent, and it tastes refreshing, delicious and pleasing to your mouth.

The Hui Nationality Flavored Green Bean Cake

Such a cake made its debut in 1945 and its creator was a person of Hui minority for which it got its name "Hui Nationality flavored green bean cake". As the name has indicated, it is made from local green beans and proper sugar, being not greasy, soft and tender, fragrant and sweet with pure and refreshing taste.

The Two Elders’ Sesame Paste Baked Cake

It is in light yellow color with clearly demarcated layers; it is soft, loose and pleasing to your mouth with pure and authentic fragrance of sesame paste. Eat it when you are eating hot pot or drink mutton soup, and it will taste more delicious.