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Qinhuangdao Shopping

Qinhuangdao Local Products:

The special local products in Qinhuangdao are mainly sea products, such as the iron plate crab, dried scallop, long proboscis fish, shuttle fish, cuttle fish, hairtail, sleeve fish, trumpet shell, and blood clam; works of arts and crafts mainly include various kinds of pearl ornaments, such as coral necklace, pearl oyster talisman, hawksbill comb, door curtains, shell carving, man made amber, and brick carving, etc., all of the above articles are full of distinctive local color.

Changli Turtle Alcohol

Chagnli turtle alcohol uses grape and the extract of turtles as its raw material. It is made by complex techniques and will take five years of brewage. It takes on a color of amber, and is clear and transparent, tasting mellow and mild with long-lasting fragrance remaining in your mouth. The alcohol is rich in various kinds of nutritious elements, such as vitamins, amino acid, as well as carbohydrates. It possesses high medical value, and if you persist to drink it for a long time, it will refresh your mind and do good to your head, enrich vital energy and blood, and have the effect of strengthening your body and benefiting your kidney.

Dried Scallop

Dried Scallop
Dried Scallop uses the wild mussels living in the bathypelagic area as the raw material, shell them when they are raw, and then boil the meat with brine. After that, air dry them in the shade, and put them in airproof containers to make them shrink and dry. It will be half a year before you can eat it. Functions: Dried scallop is easy to preserve without going rotten, so it should be an excellent gift to your friends or relatives.

Mini Pear

Mini Pear
The mini pears produced in local area is a unique breed of the local wild fruit trees. The pears are little in shape without cores, and it tastes crisp and refreshing with agreeable sweetness.

Sea Crab

Sea Crab
Sea crab is the major coastal speciality product in Qinhuangdao. There are many different breeds of sea crabs, especially the shuttle crab is the best of all which enjoys a high fame. In late autumn, the crabs grow most fat and fleshy, and the biggest one can even reach 500 grams in weight. The flesh taste delicate and refreshing, and is rich in protein, it is a delicious food suitable both to the old and the young. You can choose the cooking techniques according to your own taste and appetite, but generally speaking, it is edible just by boiling it water, and it will taste more delicious and tasty together with vinegar and minced ginger. By now, there have been various kinds of dishes with sea crab as the main raw material, such as fried sections of crab, baked crab shell, Bo Hai whole crab, clearly-braised sea crab.

Iron Plate Crab

“Iron Plate crab” is a kind of little crab characteristic of Beidaihe area. It is particularly fond of ducking into sand, the body is thin and slender with two little circles on the two sides, very much similar to its two eyes on the head. Characteristics: The crab meat tastes fresh and delicate, with plenty of crab roe. It is full of grease and cream, so it tastes pleasing to your mouth and satisfying to your appetite. Generally, the major cooking techniques in most of the restaurants are to braise it in brown sauce, or to simmer it in clear soup.


The prawns produced in the sea area around Beidaihe look crystally bright and transparent, with green jade color loomed in cyan. Being cooked, the whole body takes on the color of orange red, and it seems very much like a piece of coral carving. Watch them, it is pleasing to your eyes; and eat them, it tastes uniquely delicate and delicious, and it really a top graded prawn among all the breeds of shrimps.


Ham is known as the far-famed specialty products of Beidaihe area. Based on the formal German ham processing techniques, it has blended many local folk techniques of ham making. It has been appraised as a famous and excellent food at provincial and departmental level. The meat is delicate and refreshing with fresh fragrance flavors, quite pleasing to your mouth and taste, besides, it will not break being cut into shreds.

Qinhuangdao Shops and Stores:

Although there is only one commercial district in Qinhuangdao, it possesses a comparatively large scale, in which most of the large and middle commercial stores gather densely. The largest one should be the commercial city of Qinhuangdao, in the next place, there are also Jinyuan commercial center, Liangma shopping mall, Hualian shopping center, Jindu shopping mall, Taiyangcheng walking street, Baolongcang supermarket, etc. Besides, there are a great number of little shops and stalls dealing with the trade of small commodities and arts and crafts with special local flavor.

Commercial City of Qinhuangdao (Qinhuangdao shopping center)

Address: No.152 Hebei Street.

Transport: You can take bus No.8, No.9, No.3, and No.4 to reach the shopping center.