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Ba Zhai Gou Scenic Area

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Ba Zhai Gou Scenery Area is located in Gui Tai town, which lies in the Hundred-thousand Mountains more than 50 kms to the northwest of Qinzhou city, with a total area of more than 30,000 Mu. It has convenient transportation, abundant resources and mild climate. Its subtropical rain forest, bamboo forest, clean streams, waterfalls, various-size springs and the unique sandy shale rock landscape make it a well-known integrative tourist resort for hunting for adventure, seeking novelty, swimming, spending holidays leisurely, retreating summer and sightseeing.

Bazhaigou Scenic Area

Bazhaigou Scenic Area



Ba Zhai Gou is a resort discovered and developed in 2004 in Qin Bei district. The valley in the area is as long as 8 kms. Various sizes lakes stew at random. About 40 lakes are suitable for swimming. The water originates from the forest in Hundred-thousand Mountains. It is clean and the sand can be seen even under the three-to-four-meters-depth water. 

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How to Get There?
1. Self-drive safarist can ride from Da Sha Tian to take the old Nanning---Beihai Highway. Pay the toll (7 yuan) at Datang. It is cheaper than to take the freeway and takes almost the same time. Turn right at the fork of the road which is the short-cut to the Da Temple. When you reach to the crossing at Da Temple, give your attention to the guidepost on your left and turn left to a rugged road. 2. Or to take a coach at the cost of 10 yuan in Jian Nan Coach Center to Da Temple, where there are tourist coaches to Ba Zhai Go and the ticket is five yuan each.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
All day round.

More Tips:
Best travel time: all the seasons The climate in Ba Zhai Gou is the subtropical monsoon climate. The climate is mild, neither cold in winter nor hot in summer. 1. Ba Zhai Gou scenic area is 20 kms away from the Nanning—Beihai Freeway and only 3 kms away from the Qinzhou City—Shangsi County Second Class Highway. The roads to the scenic areas are all concrete roads and tarred roads without high slope. 2. No village in the valley provides mutton and meat.

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