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Qinzhou Travel Guide

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Qinzhou Overview

Qinzhou city is located on the coastline in the south of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, facing Beibu Gulf. It has many natural fine deep water ports and is the most convenient sea gateway of China’s southwest coast. It is linking the southwest of China, the southeast of Asia, Vietnam, Nanning with Hainan. It has a unique advantage geographic position and has become a modernized coastal tourist city, which has beautiful sea and mountains.

Qinzhou has the jurisdiction of two counties and four districts, including Lingshan County, Pubei County, Qinnan district, Qinbei district, Qingang district and Qincheng district. Its total area is 10843 square kilometers and its total population is more than 3.10 million.

Qinzhou is a treasure place in the coastal triangle of Guangxi. It has a pleasant climate, many rivers and reservoirs. Furthermore it has rich natural resources and a number of special products.

Qinzhou City

Qinzhou City

Qinzhou is an attractive seaside tourist city for its charming waters and mountains and more than 50 historic sites. The natural landscape is beautiful and the trees are always green in all seasons. The mountains, bays, beaches and islands are combing in the scenery.

Local area code: 0777
Postal code: 535000