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Today Qinzhou city boasts for the geographic location and natural environment and has become the traffic hub in the coastline of Guangxi. It is about 100 km away from Beihai City and Nanning Airport. Qinzhou Port has authorized to be the first-class port, which has well-equipped facilities. Qinzhou Port has established the trading communication with more than 20 ports in Vietnam, Hong Kong and Hainan.


Three railroads meet in Qinzhou: the railroad from Nanning to Fangcheng, the raidroad from Nanning to Beihai and the railroad from Qinzhou to Hengzhou. 


1. Qinzhou Raiway Station is located in Xizhan Road in downtown, There are many taxies and three-wheel motorcycles. It may take you only the minimum fare to take a taxi from the downtown to the station. 

2. Railway Station Tel: 0777-5112252


Qinzhou is one of the traffic hubs on the coastline in Guangxi . It is 119 kms away from Nanning, 99 kms from Beihai and 63 kms from Fangchenggang. There are 9 highways passing through Qinzhou: Guilin —Beihai, Qinzhou—Nanning, Qinzhou—Beihai, Qinzhou—Fangchenggang, Qinzhou—Lingshan, Qinzhou—Xiniujiao and so on. You can see many coaches traveling from the city to other cities and counties at the fixed time. 

Coach Station Tel: 0777-5112648


There are more than 10 bus lines and special lines leading to ports. The running hours are from 7a.m. to 18 p.m. Without air condition, the charge of the buses is only one yuan. 


The minimum fare is 2 RMB for 2 kms. Over 2 kms it costs 1.4 every km. It may not cost you 10 yuan traveling in the downtown. 

Three-wheel motorcycle: 

You can take a three-wheel motorcycle to travel in the city for sightseeing. It may cost you 2 to 5 yuan. 


Besides three-wheel, there is also motorbike which may cost you less than 5 yuan traveling in the city.


Qinzhou Port is the most convenient starting point to travel Malandao, Longmen and Seventy-two waterways. There are three tourist quays for various tourist ships and small passenger ships. The number of the tourist ships has reached 20. The three tourist routes, Qinzhou port—Malan Island, Qinzhou port—Seventy-two waterways and Qinzhou-Longmen, have become Qinzhou’s special tourist routes because contains sightseeing, swimming, fishing, commemorating the Great Men and tasting seafood.

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As it's located in the west of the West Lake, you can visit it simultaneously while sightseeing by West Lake.


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