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Bright Moon Island Scenic Zone

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Bright Moon Island is surrounded by Nenjiang River with the total area of only 0.8 square kilometers. It looks like a curved moon in the water, and hence the name of Bright Moon Island. It has been divided into several areas, namely central tour area, forest area, north botanical garden area, garden production area, and sports area. It is as beautiful as the Sun Island of Harbin, and hence being considered as the Sister Island of the Sun Island. In the midsummer, tourist can tour around the island by ship. At this time, the island is a fairy land surrounded by clear water and green trees which stand out against each other. Get off the ship and walk along the sandy path, you will reach the Bright Moon Island Stop of the round-the-island train for children. It’s a 49-meter long train attached with 6 passenger coaches and propelled by a diesel locomotive. It has five stops, namely Guest-welcoming Stop, Natatorium Stop, Yunbo Stop, Wanshan Temple Stop, and Bright Moon Island Stop. The island has beautiful natural scenery and boasts luxuriantly growing flowers, grasses and trees. In the heartland of the island stands a group of elegant ancient buildings. The railway of the round-the -island trains for children are the longest of such railways in China. It’s an ideal place for shipping tour, picnic and camping, summer and summer holidays. It’s also a wonderful winter resort to enjoy north China scene and snow sports. In the central touring area, there are four newly-restored main ancient buildings with upturned eaves and painted ridgepoles. The painted sculptures and large wall paintings in pavilions hold characteristics of various styles, beautiful colors and lively shapes. There are newly-built tetragonal, hexagonal and octagonal pavilions of mosque style as well as nine large classical oil paintings, which have aroused great interests of tourists. The forest area and sports area is a good picnic place for tourists far and near.  


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Take Bus 6 to its terminal, Bright Moon Dock, and then take ship for Bright Moon Island.

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Tip: On the round-the-island train, tourists can see the overall scenery of island. On the ship trip, tourists can get to know the diversified customs across Nenjiang River.

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