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Hala New Village

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Hala New Village enjoys the name of “the First Village of Daur people of China”. It’s a small town for Daur people of Ya’ersai town, Meilisi District, Qiqihar City. Daur clan has a long history. Before the middle of 17th century, Daur people intensely lived south of Waixing’an Mountain and north of Jingqili River Valley and Heilongjiang Province, but in the early Qing dynasty they started moving to Nenjiang River area. In Hala’er New Village, we can appreciate their local customs and culture. Daur people like to build their houses among foothills and beside lakes. The layout of their houses is in great order, usually many large thatched cottages with the shape of “介” gather together in some picturesque areas. Every cottage has the front door facing south, windows set in the western wall, and the fence weaved by red wicker. Their cots or cowsheds are always kept clean and far from their yards. Their cottages usually have deal or birch ridgepoles and beams, earthen walls, and thatched roofs. The cottage could be divided into 2, 3 or 5 rooms. For 2-room cottage, the western room is bedroom and the eastern is kitchen. For 3-room or 5-room cottage, the middle room is kitchen and the rest are living rooms. The front doors of the cottages usually face south in order to get sunshine, and their windows express the main features of Daur’s cottages. The western living rooms are connected by kang along the wall except the side next to the kitchen, and so are the eastern living rooms. The Kang can keep people warm, so it’s a must for Daur people in the winter. Since the ancient times, Daur people have been good at horse riding and shooting, wrestling, and hockey playing. Besides, there are many other sports and games beneficial to body and mind health, such as horse racing, kicking shuttlecock, skiing, wrestling, and chess playing. Horse riding and shooting is the fundamental skill for Daur people to hunt prey and defend enemies, and one of their traditional sports games. Most Daur people follow Shaman Religion, and they believe in the gods of heaven, mountain, fire, money and their ancestors. Because of their migration history and their special location in the cultural streams meeting places, Daur people have a diversified social culture. Hala New Village has a holiday zone where you can enjoy the local customs and culture of Daur people. Its total area is area of 0.7 square kilometers, among which grass lands cover 0.2 square kilometers, the natural wild fishing fields and the golden sand beaches cover 0.2 square kilometers. Opposite to the Bright Moon Island across Nenjiang River, the holiday zone has a Daur nationalities village garden which integrates tourism, dining and accommodation into one, covers more than 1000 square meters, and has mature traveling facilities, namely a large ecological hotel, diversified Daur gardens, healthy planting and aquatics breeding base, sunny greenhouse, Daur Tavern, small peasant bean curd gristmill, as well as the standard swimming pool, racecourse, barbecue street, grass hockey court. In this fairy holiday zone, you can enjoy horse-riding on the grasslands, appreciate the songs and dances, eat healthy foods, and live in the special cottages of Daur people.


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