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Halahai Wetland

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Halahai Wetland locates at the northwestern end of Songnen Plain and on the south side of Daxing’an Mountain. Its total area is 300 square kilometers, among which the core water area has great water level gaps and covers about 30 square kilometers. As the only primitive wetland with lakes of China, it is a paradise for waterfowls and birds with lushly growing reeds and grasses as well as numerous lakes and pools. The great value of Hahahai Wetland lies in its rare primitive scenery. Most of it has never been exploited or polluted. Its aboriginality is rare in the world. The dead silence of this wild land has never been broken by people except for some fishermen in the fishing harvest seasons. In the surrounding areas, there is a large area of grasslands, semi-deserts, and forests, which are rarely sabotaged. There are 242 species of birds here with the total number over one million. It’s estimated that there are 42 species of national endangered birds, such as red-crowned crane, the big swan. The wetland is also rich in other animals and plant resources, such as the mammal animal wolf and fox.


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at the northwestern end of Songnen Plain and on the south side of Daxing’an Mountain

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Take trains or buses from Qiqihar to Longjiang. Then take buses or taxis from Longjiang to Halahai (taxi fare should be less than 50 yuan).

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