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Longsha Park

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Longsha Park covers an area of 64 hectares, including 20 hectares of water area. Built in 1904, it is the earliest park of Heilongjiang Province. Since it was built on some ruins in southwestern urban area, and hence it was first named as “Cangxi Garden”. In 1917, it was renamed as Longsha Park. In Chinese Longsha means the northern areas of the Great Wall. The name of Longsha Park was deviated from a famous poem of the ancient poet Libai, one line of which saying “when the general was given bronze tiger and bamboo token (the signal of war), the soldiers would send out to Longsha (the then main battlefield).” Longsha Park has five tourist areas, namely Cultural Tourist Area, Labor Lake Area, Animal Exhibition Area, Entertainment Area, and Flower exhibition area. Cultural tourist area has many cultural buildings, such as classical library tower, river viewing tower, Guan Emperor Temple, Shougong (the God of Longevity) Ancestral Temple, Dengjiang Pavilion. Labor Lake Area is very beautiful and has islands within lakes and lakes within islands.  The meandering arched bridges and curved bridges connect the islands and lakes together, while many pavilions, towers, and terraces dot among them. Animal Exhibition Area has hundreds of species, such as Northwestern Tiger, African Lion, Golden Jaguar, Raccoon, Moose, and Red-crowned Crane.  Entertainment Area has large entertainment centers and various entertainment facilities, such as electrical space vehicles and mini helicopters. Flower exhibition area has more than 140 kinds of flowers.

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Bus Number 10, 13, 15, 7, 28, 27

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All Day

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Tips: ⑴The newly-built Tianyuan Pavilion on Shenglong Mountain in the park is the peak of Qiqihar. Glazing to the distance from Tianyuan Pavilion, we can enjoy the overall sight of Qiqihar. ⑵The Longsha Ice Scene Show, which is held in Longsha Park every winter, makes the park more attractive. Ice sculptures of Qiqihar enjoy a great reputation home and abroad, and hence being considered as the Wonder of Crane City.

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