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Qiqihaer Travel Guide

Last updated by fabiowzgogo at 2015/11/30

Qiqihaer Overview

In Daur's language, Qiqihar means "borderland" or "natural pasture". It is the second largest city of Heilongjiang Province and the municipality directly under its governing. Qiqihar is not only a cultural city with a long history over 300 years but also a new rising city with enormous potentiality to be exploited. As one of the earliest industrial bases of China, it has abundant underground resources and solid industrial foundations. At the same time, Qiqihar is now a new rising tourist city with abundant tourist resources and a long humanitarian history. There are unique natural scenery, elegant ancient buildings, and antique historic sites, especially Zhalong Natural Reserve which is the world and nation renowned habitat of red-crowned cranes (a species of rare birds in the world), Bright Moon Island surrounded by water with captivatingly beautiful natural scenery, and Longsha Park which has beautiful sceneries of lakes, mountains, and unique pavilions. As a world renowned reserve for water fowls and birds, Zhalong Natural Reserve has attracted numerous red-crowned cranes (a kind of rare bird in the world today) to perch here. Thus, Qiqihar acquires the fame of “Crane City ". The total area of the city is 42297 sq. km.