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Immortal Cave Mountain

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The Immortal Cave Mountain is the largest, most convenient  geographic location. The variety of plants in the Immortal Cave Mountain numbers close to one thousand. In the north of the mountain is the Taoshan reservoir which has a vast expanse of misty and rolling waters. Standing at the top of the mountain  you will see the modern buildings to the south of the city. At the foot of the mountain is Xuefu Street, the most famous street in the city of Qitaihe. Situated at the west end of Xuefu Street is Qitaihe city’s Taoshan Park. The park and the mountain stand apart but face each other. From above they resemble two bright pearls embedded in the black earth. (The soil in Northeast China is black, so Chinese people usually call Northeast China as the black earth). The Immortal Cave Mountain not only has beautiful legends, but also has beautiful natural scenery which attracts guests from all directions. The scenic attractions in the mountain include Big Fox Cave, Small Fox Cave, mountain slopes with many rare rocks, primeval forest, and so on. There is even a hill that resembles a tortoise climbing a mountain. The Immortal Cave Mountain Square is an important part in building a "garden and forest like" city. The whole square occupies an area of 21960 square kilometers.

It is a "four star" square. The big statue “The Star of Hope” in the square is magnificent. The statue symbolizes that the city of Qitaihe will be the star of cities in China. The square is also equipt with a music fountain and European style corridors. The square and the mountain appear created as one entity. Man and nature living together in harmony.


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the NO. 29 bus in the city can take visitors there.

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from 8:00 to 18:00

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Tips: The best time to visit the Immortal Cave Mountain: every season in the year.

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