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Taoshan Park

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Brief introduction:

 The park occupies an area of 39 square hectares. Besides the paved paths leading to a main hall and the buildings, the park is covered by lawns, flowers and trees. More than 65 hundred plants are grown there. The man made lawn there has an area of 24 thousand square kilometers. Many trees are also planted there such as weeping willows, cypresses, willows, poplars. If you look at them in distance, you will see a sea of trees and they look really green.

Taoshan Park got its name because the park has a hill which looks like a peach (Tao means peachk in Chinese). Concerning the origination of Taoshan, there is a beautiful legend. It is said that ten thousand years ago, the Lady Queen Mother invited immortals from all directions to take part in the holy peaches dinner. The Lady Queen Mother ordered her maids to pick up some peaches in the peach garden, one of the maids drop a peach incidentally from the sky. When the peach came down the earth, it became today’s Taoshan, Peach Mountain. There are three winding paths, tow man made stone stairs which run from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain. When visitors climb the mountain along the stairs, visitors will not see the sun even the weather is good, because the trees on the mountain are big. If visitors feel tired during their climbing the mountain, they can have a rest in the pavilion which is built in the slope of the mountain. And visitors can enjoy the beautiful landscape while having rest. When visitors come to the top of the mountain, they can overview the new developed coal city. The hills and rivers all are in their eyes.

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