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Ussuri River

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Brief introduction:

Ussuri River originates from eastern sea shore and Xite Huote Mountains in Jilin province. It is 905 kilometers long and has a drainage area of 1870002 square kilometers. It is called Amur River in Russia. Ussuri River in the Manchu language means “river in the water” or “river where the sun rises”. Ussuri River is the place where the sun can be seen in the earliest time in China. Ussuri River is a branch of Heilong River. The upper reach of Ussuri River is formed by two rivers, namely Ural River and Daobi River. It flows into Heilong River at last. The reach which from its branch Song’acha River flowing into it to it flowing into Heilong River is the border river between China and Russia. The fish resource in Ussuri River is very rich. The river is wide and the flow is slow, so it is suitable for navigation. There are hills in both side of the river in certain reach of the river. This makes Ussuri River look more beautiful. The trees in the islands in the river and banks of the river are green which makes Ussuri River one of the attractive places in Qitaihe city.

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Tips: It is very cold in winter, so the ice age in Ussuri River is very long. It lasts five months.

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