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Qitaihe Travel Guide

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Qitaihe Overview

Qitaihe City boasts graceful and diverse natural landscapes, historical sites and human landscapes. It’s awarded the title of provincial garden city. In the city, there is one ski resort and over 10 scenic spots and areas, such as Jixinghe reservoir scenic area, Shilongshan reservoir scenic area, Taoshan reservoir scenic area, Taoshan Park, Xiandongshan Park and Wanbaohu Children’ Park.

The newly developed Boli Xidaquan Forest Park integrates drifting, rock climbing and exploration to the primeval forest, which contributes to the construction of ecological tourism in Qitaihe. The highest peak in Qitaihe is Mount Luotuo with the elevation of 768 meters, on which you will have a panoramic view of the city.


Qitaihe is located in the east of Heilongjiang Province. It adjoins Jixi City and Mudanjiang City in the south, Jiamusi City and Hegang City in the north and Shuangyashan City in the east.


Qitaihe City is located in temperate and humid climate zone with four distinct seasons. It features long, chilly and dry winters, short, damp and hot summers, windy and dry springs as well as cool autumns. The annual average temperature is 4.0℃. The coldest month is January with the average temperature of -18.3℃ and the extreme minimum temperature of -39℃. The hottest month is July with the average temperature of 21.9℃ and the extreme highest temperature of 37.4℃.

Tourism Resources

Xidaquan Forest Park

Xidaquan Forest Park is located in the southwest of Boli County of Qitaihe, 25 kilometers from Boli County. It was built in 2003 with the area of 9,200 hectares. The forest park abounds with a variety of tourism resources ecological characteristics and prominent ecological characteristics.

Xidaquan Forest Park

Xidaquan Forest Park

Shilongshan Forest Park

Located 23 kilometers from downtown Qitaihe, Shilongshan Forest Park is a forest tourist resort, which integrates natural landscape and human landscape, covering an area of 6,307 hectares. The park has abundant and well-preserved forest resources, including precious towering ancient trees, northern China ash and Chinese scholar trees. Taking advantage of the favorable terrains and landforms, the forest park is an ideal place for drifting, rock climbing, mountaineering, hunting and skiing.

Wanbaoshan Ski Resort

Wanbaoshan Ski Resort is located in the south of Shanhu Street in Taoshan District of Qitaihe City. It has skiing trails of 500 meters long and 80 meters wide. Its superior location and complete supporting facilities attract a number of ice-snow enthusiasts.

Qingsongling Forest Park

With the elevation of 450 meters, Qingsongling Forest Park was built in 1956 with the total area of 300 million square meters. The species of trees include Korean pines, Dragon spruce and firs. At present, the scenic spots that are open to the public include the nursery garden, mountain garden, reservoir scenic area, evergreen ornamental forest area and artificial larch forest area.

Qingsongling Forest Park

Qingsongling Forest Park