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Chongwu Ancient City

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It is a city famous for fighting pirates along the southeast coast in ancient China and a key historic and cultural site under the protection of the government.

Chongwu peninsula led an important part in the coastal defense of ancient China. Since the 20th year of Hongwu’ reign in Ming Dynasty, construction of city defense had been conducted all the time and troops had stationed there and drilled to take precautions against pirates. There were originally guard post, Ramp-Platform, post, military camps and drilling hall, etc, with a set relatively complete military defense system. Thereafter, city defense has been abandoned for a long time and the city wall fell in due to lack of repairs. In 1983, it obtained a general repair by receiving state grants.

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How to get there:Take the special route for the ancient stone city of Chongwu in urban areas

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Opening hours:7:00——19:00

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