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Luoyang Bridge

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The Luoyang Bridge is the earliest stone beam bridge striding over the sea existent in our country. Located over the Luoyang River, it is the beginning of foundation on raft of world bridges. It is also a key historic and cultural site under the protection of the government. The Luoyang Bridge is formerly called “Wan’an Bridge”. Cai Xiang, a satrap of Quanzhou in the Song Dynasty, was in charge of the construction of the bridge. The project took seven years from the fourth year of Huangyou’s reign(1053BC)to the fourth year of Jiayou’s reign (1059BC)in the Song Dynasty. It cost 14 million liang of silver to build the large stone bridge that connects the sea and strides over the river. According to the historical date, the bridge is 360 zhang long and 1.5 zhang wide with statues of knights standing on both sides when it was firstly built. Now the bridge is 731.29 meters long, 4.5 meters wide and 7.3 meters high. There are 44 boat shaped piers, 645 guard bars, 104 stone lions, 1 stone pavilion and 7 stone pagodas.

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How to get there:Tourists can get there by taking Route 19 bus.

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