Number One Scholar Street

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 The Number One Scholar Street, a street characteristic of cultural tourism, is a pedestrian street. The street is adjoined to Zhongshan Road on the west end and south to the East Street. In the middle section of the street is Xiaomiao Taoist Temple with ruins characteristic of Quanzhou.

The whole length of the Number One Scholar Street is about 500 meters. With a pleasant ambience, the street specializes in artifacts of tourist culture. The whole street is composed of there blocks. The first block is a section of indoor Pedestrian Street. There are bridges connecting on the second and third floor. There are also three ruins, namely “Zou Lu on the seashore”, “Yue Sacrifices himself to maritime nations”, “Four-gate Scholars”. At the center is a leisure style square for citizens with an area of more than 700 square meters. At the entrance of the second block is three ruins of “climate of humanity passes through the spring”, “the ancient place of white clouds”, “inchoation of peace and health”, on the walls on both sides of the square in the block are two large-scale wall carvings of “Zi meeting Laozi” and “Laozi Exiting the customs”. The most striking ruins in the third street are the Number One Scholar Stone Ruins in the style of the Song Dynasty. It is carved with the names of Number One Scholars from Quanzhou during the past generations, such as Zeng Conglong, Liang Kejia, Zhuang Jichang, Wu Lu, etc. The Number One Scholar Stone Ruins as well as relieves of “carps jumping over the Dragon Gate” and “fishermen and woodsmen plough up and read books” beside the ruins demonstrate the profound cultural tradition of Quanzhou that families were passed down through ploughing up and reading books in ancient times. 

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