Qingjing Temple

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The Qingjing Temple is regarded as a significant structure not just in the province of Fujian, but also in the entirety of China. Because of its majestic architecture, this has also served as a popular landmark in the province. For people who visit this destination for holidays or vacation, the Qingjing Temple is a must-see.

What is so important with the Qingjing Temple which makes it a remarkable tourist destination? It is because this enigmatic structure is a symbol for the richness of culture and religion in the country. Since it was able to withstand years of history, this place is now considered by the government as an important and protected tourist spot.

For the guests in the Fujian Province, they easily notice how the architecture of the Qingjing Temple is very different from all other traditional Chinese temples and structures. This is because it is an Islamic Temple. The architecture which was used in the construction of the Qingjing Temple is based on traditional designs of the religion with a little bit of Chinese inspired accents.

In all of China, the Qingjing Temple is considered as one of the oldest Islamic temples. It is one of the few remaining temples which still have an old Arabic architectural style. Hence, it is known as a key cultural and historical destination.

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The Qingjing Temple may look like a modern structure but this is actually built many years ago. It was first constructed in the second year of Xiangfu. If the Mohammed calendar is used, this was erected during the reign of Dazhong in North Song Dynasty.

Since time has caused several damages to the structure, it was subjected for renovation in 1309 BC. Today, because of the rigorous preservation for the Qingjing Temple, it remains as a grandiose structure which welcomes tourists from different parts of the globe.

Qingjing Temple

Fujian   Qingjing Temple

For people who visit the Qingjing Temple, they could not help but stop by the façade of the temple. It is because the foreground and entrance are captivating with its towering pillars and elaborate design for the ceiling. Though the overall structure extensively uses geometric shapes, it has a very appealing look. Of course, taking pictures of this grandiose temple should start right from the entrance.

The front part of the temple drew inspiration from the churches which are found in Damascus, Syria. Though the front part can be very attractive, exploring the interior of the temple is a must too.

There are different sections for this temple. Among which are the Damen Tower, Fengtian Altar and Mingshang Hall. In the olden times, each section of the temple serves an important role for Islam. Certain gatherings, worshipping and other activities are held for the devout people. Today, the different sections of the Qingjing Temple have several remnants from the wonderful culture and tradition of Islam.

One of the most protected items inside the Qingjing Temple is the Imperial Instruction. This is a sculpture that is made of stone. It is dated back to the Ming Dynasty. During the fifth year of Emperor Yongle’s reign, he ordered for its creation. According to history, its main purpose is to serve as protection for the Qingjing Temple.

Solo Adventure Tips:


It is situated right in the middle of the Tumen Street in the Licheng District; Quanzhou, Fujian Province

How to Get There?

 From the urban areas of Quanzhou, it only takes a few minutes of walking from the Overseas Chinese Mansion. Take buses which travel directly to Quanzhou.

Ticket Price:

 3 CNY

Opening Hours:

8:00 am to 5: 00 pm

More Tips:

Summer and autumn months is the best time to visit the Qingjing Temple. These seasons give tourists an opportunity to stroll around the area outside the temple. Exploring the entire temple can take about half a day.

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