Qingyuan Mountain

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Qingyuan Mountain, which formerly has a popular name of North Mountain, is also called Qiyun Mountain because there are always clouds rising above between ridges and peaks. There is a myth and legend about the acquisition of the name. Once iron crutch Li, one of the eight immortals, roamed there. Seeing the mountain with dark green pines and verdure cypresses as well as winding paths leading to the depths, he stamped into the ground with the iron crutch on the spur of the moment, only to find that the crutch thrust into the mountain rock due to too much force. When he pulled the crutch out, spring issued forth from the rock. Therefore, the mountain was named Qingyuan Mountain. The scenery there is famous for its clean springs, odd rocks. There are also forests and gullies of a pleasant ambience. Generations of learners paid a visit to the mountain and left many inscriptions there. According to the records of the survey, there are more than 300 stone carvings, which are of the high value of cultural relics. 

There is a dagoba of the rabbi Hongyi, a dignitary in contemporary times in Qingyuan Mountain. The rabii Hongyi experienced a prosperous life in his early lifetime and take the tonsure and assume the calotte in his middle years. After that, he confined himself to a place and pursued his studies in the area of Quanzhou. In his latter half life, he gloried in honest poverty, tranquility and leisure. Before he died, he left the four characters” mix joy with sorrow”. His dagoba is given offerings in the Qingyuan Mountain, which adds human connotations to the mountain.

The holy tomb of Ling Mountain, also called holy Islamic tombs, the most ancient and complete holy Islamic relics existent in our country. It is inside the Ling Mountain scenic area of the Qingyuan Mountain scenic area. It is a key historic and cultural site under the protection of the government.

How to get there: get to the Qingyuan Mountain by taking the minibus route 7

Admission fee: 3RMB

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How to get there:Get there by taking the special tourist route 601 or the minibus route 3

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Opening hours:5:30-16:00

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