Quanzhou Museum of Overseas Communications History

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Built in 1959, the Quanzhou Maritime History Museum has three feature exhibition halls: 'Quanzhou Harbor and Ancient Overseas Relations,' 'Quanzhou Religious Stone Sculptures,' and 'Quanzhou Bay Ancient Ships.' Quanzhou Maritime History Museum displays historical facts and artifacts, such as the maritime activities of Quanzhou for the past two thousand years, Zheng He’s expedition to the western seas during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, data on Chinese people going abroad, commercial trade, the blending of beliefs and folk customs, and at least one ancient shipwreck brought to the surface during 1973-74 (see below). The Quanzhou Religious Stone Sculptures exhibition is composed of four parts, displaying the religions of Islam, ancient Christianity, Hinduism and Manichaeism. The most outstanding of these displays are the relics of Islam, which ranks first for its quantity and quality of content.

The Quanzhou Bay Ancient Ships exhibition hall in Kaiyuan Temple proudly displays an ancient, 13th century wooden junk that sailed between Quanzhou and other Chinese ports as well as to foreign ports. It sank off the coast of Fujian, also during the 13th century, but was discovered and brought to the surface in 1974, after its cargo was salvaged in 1973. The ship's cargo consisted of 14 different types of articles, including: fragrances; spices; medicinal herbs and other potions; special articles made of wood, including name plates; ceramic ware; and ancient coins, some of iron and others of bronze.

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How to get there:Get there by take Route 22 bus or Route 7 minibus

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Opening hours:8:00——18:00

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