the Alliance Stele of the 37 Tribes in Qujing

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The Stele is the relic of the Dali Kingdom. It stands, together with the Cuan Bao Zi Stele, in the stele pavilion of the No.1 Middle School in Qujing. The Stele has been kept well. It is very small, and 1.21 meters high and 0.61 meters wide. On the top of the Stele is the inscription of the year 29 of Daoguang in Qing Dynasty. The first half of the epigraph is the main body and it consists of 11 rows. The second half is the part for the superscription of the official titles, and it consists of 8 rows. The style of the epigraph on the Stele is very unique. The text goes straight. You have to read from the left to the right to understand what it says. However, for the inscription on the top and the superscription on the second half of the Stele, you have to read from the right to the left. According to the ancient people, the Stele was very difficult to understand. The names of the places and people mentioned in the epigraph are still waiting for further textual research and interpretation.

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The names of the officials mentioned in the Stele such as Buxie, Liyueshuang, Dushuang, Yanben, Zanwei, can be found in the historical books concerning the history of the Nanzhao Kingdom like the Book of Minorities by Fanzhuo. You can find that the Dali Kingdom followed the Nanzhao Kingdom for its official system.

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