the Cuan Bao Zi Stele

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Its full name is the Stele of Mr. Cuan, the deceased Mighty General and the Jianning Procurator of Jin. It was built in April of the fourth year of Dahen of the Eastern Jin (405 AD). It is in the regular script. The Stele is 190 centimeters long and 71 centimeters wide. There are 13 rows and each row has 30 Chinese characters. In the year 43 of Qianlong, the Stele was unearthed in Yang Qitian, which is 70 miles to the south of Qujing County (Nanning County) of Yunnan. The Cuan Bao Zi Stele and the later Cuan Long Yan Stele were call the Two Cuans. Cuan Family was a big family of a minority in the south China. The epigraph provides important historical materials for the research of the minority.

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Compared with the Cuan Long Yan Stele, there are fewer characters on the Cuan Bao Zi Stele. In addition, the stele is much smaller, so later generations call the Cuan Bao Zi Stele “the Small Cuan”.

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