the Key to Yunnan

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If you want to enter into Yunnan, you have to go via the Key to Yunnan. There is a torii on the mountain which is named the Beautiful Sight in South Yunnan. The torii is about 12 meters high and 10 meters wide. It is painted with different colours. It also has up-holding corners. It had been built in the year of Jingtai in the Ming Dynasty. After many times of repair, it still stands there today. On the side facing Guizhou, the earth is reddish brown, and it is always foggy; while on the side facing Yunnan, the earth is brown, and it is always fine. Although there is only a mountain range between the two provinces, they have totally different sights.

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visitors can take the buses going to Fuyuan at the Long Distance Bus Station of Qujing City

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As the development of the society and the construction of many railways and highways, fewer and fewer people go via the ancient path.

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