The Mysterious Compass

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On the top of the Maxiong Mountain there is a compass at the source of the Zhujiang River. On the compass are the Eight Diagrams which is natural and has 28 circles. The compass is 0.2 meters thick and has a diameter of 2 meters. It weighs as heavy as 4,000 kilograms and can rank the first among all the compasses in the world. On the compass are the 12 Chinese Zodiac, the cycle of sixty years, the Kwan-yin Lots, and the 12 constellations. If you turn the needle of the compass and let it point right at your Chinese Zodiac, you will find some interesting signs about your life. Although it is just a game, you can get some delight and learn something from it, indeed.

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you can take Bus No.3 to Zhanyi first, and then take a minibus there.

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