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the Three Gorges of Lubuge

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Taking a break from the busy lifestyle is necessary every once in a while. For people who are looking for ways on how to clear their head or relax their tired souls, visiting the Three Gorges of Lubuge is a great solution. This is a place that is overflowing with so much beauty. Because of the impressive body of water which can also be found within the area, it could be the perfect haven that many people are looking for.

The great thing about the Three Gorges of Lubuge is that it is not too difficult to get to this place. Tourists who would like to see the beauty of this place can take either the National Highway 324 by the Golden Rooster or by the Lubuge Xinzhai.

Things To Do

For people who are visiting the Three Gorges of Lubuge, the best thing to do is to brace themselves up for some exciting exploration. This is a location wherein visitors would be amazed by the intertwining peaks. The sight is made even more spectacular because of the bodies of water which surrounds the land formation. The crystal clear water is such a wondrous sight.

From the higher elevation, visitors would be able to enjoy a farther view of the entire are. The land is covered by lush greens. There are different species of plants and trees. Because of the bountiful greeneries in this area, there are also a lot of birds which have found their permanent habitat among the branches and leaves.

Aside from the jaw-dropping richness of the greeneries, the place is also adorned by the gracefully flowing water. This runs right in between the land formation, forming a silvery lining. During the rainy season, the flow of the water can be much stronger. However, there are also months when the water remains calm and quiet.

When the Three Gorges of Lubuge is mentioned, another attraction which is also brought up is the Lubuge Hydropower Station. This mainly serves as a reservoir for water which can be utilized by residents who are living close by. Aside from being  a source of usable water, this is also considered as a great sight because the watery area is also adorned by grasses, plants and trees along the banks.

Visiting the Three Gorges of Lubuge is a wonderful experience. The three gorges which they could check out are the Lion Gorge, Diling Gorge and Two Elephant Gorge. Each one has a unique characteristic because of the variations when it comes to formation. That is why, it would be ideal to spend time to see each one so that the experience would be complete.

Another attraction which is within the area of the Three Gorges of Lubuge is the Naigesha Waterfalls. This showcases a powerful downpour especially when there is plenty of water coming from the upper part of the mountains due to rain.

Since the Three Gorges of Lubuge has become a recognized tourist attraction, there are places which are dedicated for picnics and lounging. People who visit this place can find a comfortable spot where they can just relax and enjoy the view. Some also opt to take the short trails. For those who would not want to go on an escapade on their own, they can also seek for the services from one of the local tour guides.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Located close to the Huangni River

How to Get There?

From the main roads of the city, the best way to go to this place is to take a cab.

Ticket Price:


Opening Hours:

All day, all year round

More Tips:

Visit this place during the spring months. This is the time when the climate is very friendly and the waterfalls look really amazing.

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