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the Tumulus Group of the Eight Towers Platform

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The Tumulus Group consists of eight hillocks which are dependent on each other but at the same time independent of each other. It covers a total area of 5,000 square meters. Although those hillocks are common-looking, they are in fact ancient tombs which had piled up one by one for thousands of years.

There are in the Tumulus Group all kinds of tombs from different historical periods: tombs of the Bronze Age, the Liang Tombs from the Eastern Han Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty, and the cremation tombs of the Ming and Qing Dynasty.

Most of the tombs of the Tumulus Group of the Eight Hillocks belong to the period from the Warring States to the Western Han Dynasty and the Eastern Han Dynasty. More than 200 unearthed in the second Group belong to this period. In the tombs of this period, there are all kinds of cultural relics: weapons such as bronze daggers, swords, arrows, arrowheads, armours, helmets and scabbards, and most of the bronze weapons belong to the Yunnan Culture; appliances for living and producing such as the ancient cooking pottery vessels, gallipots, copper axes, copper kettles and copper pots, and the ancient cooking pottery vessels are the symbol of the culture of Central China while the others belong to the Yunnan culture; decorations such as the round buttons, the bronze plates with two scalpers, bronze hooks, copper bracelets with green stones, and jade bracelets. The one worth mentioning here is the bronze plates with two scalpers. The two scalpers stand opposite. Two snakes tangle round the feet of the two scalpers. The work is powerful, plain and lifelike, and is of very high artistic value.


The ancestors had worked out a plan to deal with the eight hillocks which stood on the way into the village. They wanted to open a road through the hillocks. However, they tried many times and finally they failed, because whenever they opened a way, they would find the next day that the hillocks came together again and the road disappeared. Later in the village came an immortal person. He opened a way with a golden plowshare and solved the problem. The road still exists today. It goes past the eight hillocks sideways and leads to the winding and continuous mountains.

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you can take minibuses to the Dongjia Village

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The bronze decoration with two scalpers is of very high artistic value, so please pay special attention when visiting.

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