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Jianglangshan National Scenic Resort

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Jianglangshan scenic spot is famous for its grand stones with the shape “爿”, the unique Danxia peak, the narrowest pass, the natural grand peak, the steep Langfei peak, the ancient Kaiming temple, the Jianglang college, the largest stone carving of Chairman Mao’s handwriting on the cliff, Yanxia pavilion, etc.

Jianglangshan Mountain has other names, like Jinchunshan Mountain, Yuliangshan Mountain in the ancient times. It also has a vulgar name “the three 爿stones”, because the most famous spot is the stones with the shape of “爿”. The “爿” stones stand forcefully on the middle of the mountain, which can been seen even out of several kilometers. The three stones line to the southeast with the shape of “川”. Among those, Liangfeng Peak is in the southeast. It is as big as a castle. The middle one is called Yafei Peak. It looks like a horrent sword. The Lingfeng Peak stands in the northwest. Its peak is up to the sky directly and stands firmly because of its huge posture. Those three stones are 260 meters high, which are 100 meters higher than Dinghufeng Peak in Jinyun county. It is said by local people, that the three stones can move up and down freely by themselves, because they have nimbus. Although it is only the hallucination, it shows the mystery and grandness of the stones.

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How to Get There?
Get there by taking a bus to Jiangliang town at Jiangshan bus station. It takes less than one hour, for 4.5 RMB. If need go to the hill by bus, add additional 2 RMB.

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8:00am to 16:30pm.

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