Sanqu Stone Forest Scenic Resort

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The total area of the scenic resort covers 27.58 square kilometers. The whole resort is consisted of three parts, the Sanqushan Hill, the Xiaogushan Hill and the Dagushan Hill. The stone forest is 10 kilometers far from the north urban area of Changshan county. The stones are interveined with lianas, which show us a wonderful and capriccioso nature. The Sanqushan Hill is located at the east. It is the mother hill of Quzhou. In this scenic area, the main spots are the Zhaogongyan Cave and the Sanqu Goddess. They are well-known for their elegance and delicacy. In the middle of the resort, there lies the Xiaogushan Hill, which is characterized in oddness, steepness and beauty. The stone of monkey watching the sea is quite well-known in southeast China. The Dagushan Hill lies at the west of the stone forest. It has features of sinuosity, deepness, quietness, and grandness. In the Dagushan Hill scenic spot, the most famous ones are the Long Corridor of Sanqu, the Ziteng Gorge and the Immortal Cave, etc.

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Get there by taking the special tourist route at the bus station.

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8:00am to 17:00pm.

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