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The Lankeshan Mountain Scenic Resort

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The Kelanshan Mountain is also called “Shishishan Mountain” or “Shiqiaoshan Mountain”. It is the key scenic resort in Zhejiang province. It has gained a name of “the deiform land of I-go”. The Kelanshan Mountain faces the Wujiang River to the west, with the altitude of 164 meters. It is 4 kilometers long from east to west, while 2 kilometers wide from south to north. The whole scenic resort is circled by hills. The Lankeshan Mountain looks like a huge stone bridge from far distance. In this spot, the main cave of the Shiliang Hill is 10 meters high, 30 meters wide from east to west, and 20 meter deep from south to north.

There are eight famous spots in the Lankeshan Mountain, the Shiliang Hill, the Qingxia Cave, the narrowest pass, the spot of golden well and jade farmland, the immoral chess, the Richi Pavilion, the Keshan Pagoda, and the Baoyan Temple. Besides, there is the martyr cemetery, the Meiyan Cave, the Chisong Cave, the Jixianguan spot, the Chongwendong Cave, the Jiaoyinyan Cave, etc.

In the cave of Shiliang spot, there is a huge I-go chessboard on the ground. It is the hugest chessboard in China.

Two 1000-year old pine trees stand at the west slope of the Shiliang Hill. They look like two fighting green dragons, and therefore, got a name of “the pine trees with fighting dragon shapes”. At south, there is the Shiqiao Temple with orange bounding walls. It was built in the Liang Dynasty. The existing temple was rebuilt by the government.

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Take Route 18 bus.

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5:40am to 21:30pm.

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