The Nanzong Confucian Temple

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The Nanzong Confucian Temple is one of the two Confucian temples existing in China. The temple was rewarded to Kong Duanyou, the 48 generation of Confucius, by Emperor Gaozong (1127~1162) in the Song Dynasty.

The Nanzong Confucian Temple had been moved and repaired for many times up till now. The existing one was built in the fifteenth year of Zhengde’s reign in the Ming Dynasty (AD1520) and was built according to the Confucian Temple in Qufu, Shangdong province. The whole temple was consisted of the Confucian temple, the Confucian residence and the garden, with the area of 13,900 square meters. The Confucian temple looks like a shape of rectangle from the plane. Facing to the direction of south, the temple was built with three axes. There is the Confucian School, the Chongsheng Gate, the Chongsheng Temple, and the Shengze Building in the east axis. The Confucian Gate, the Dacheng Gate, the Yong Thoroughfare, the Dacheng Temple and the East-west Corridor lie in the middle axis, while the Wuzhi Temple, the Xifeng Temple, the Duke Temple, the Silu Pavilion lie in the west. The wooden statuaries of Confucius and his wife were put in the Silu Pavilion. The Portrait Stele of Confucius also stands in the Silu Pavilion, with the height of 2.07 meters and width of 0.85 meter. It is said that the stele was made according to Wudaozi’s drawing, who was the famous artist in the Tang Dynasty. The hereditary Doctor Office was the feudal office of Confucian descendants in ancient time. It lies at the west axis. Although the Nanzong Confucian Temple was repaired many times, it still has its style and scale of the Song Dynasty.

With a long history and large building scale, the Nanzong Confucian Temple, therefore, is very important for people to study on the fields of ancient buildings, cultures, arts, sacrifice, etc.

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