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The Nianbadu Old Town

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Nianbadu town is located at the deep valley of Xianxia Ridge, with a steepy topography. There are four narrow passes around the town, among which the Anminguan lies at the east, the Fenglingguan at the south, the Liushiguan at the west and the Xianxiaguan at the north. On the military stratagem, it is a place which is easy to be guarded, but difficult to be attacked. Because of its important geographical position and frequent wars in the history, Nianbadu has become an immigration town with many dialects. There are totally nine dialects and over 130 family names in the town. The old rectangle-shape town has still been preserved well. The residences were built along the Fengxi Stream, which traverses the whole town from south to north. The whole town still has the building style of the 19 century. 

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Take a bus to Jiangshan south bus station. Or take off at Nianbadu town if take a bus from Pucheng, Fujian province.

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