Fulai Mountain Scenic Spot

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Brief introduction to the scenic spot

Fulai Mountain Scenic Spot in Ju County is a national AAA tourist area, provincial geological vestige natural protection area. Ju County has a long history and glorious culture, so Ju culture together with Qi culture and Lu culture (Qi and Lu are ancient countries in China) are called the three major cultures in Shandong Province. Fulai Mountain is the very place of origin of Ju culture. Sceneries like millennium ancient temple, the biggest gingko tree in the world, the Jiaojin Building (Liu Xie, a famous literary critic in ancient China, corrected books here) are known far and wide and in sole possession around the world. They have relatively high relic study value and tourist appeal. Dingling Temple, Jiaojin Building, Gingko Tree, Qingquan Canyon, Peculiar Stone Valley, Xianshu Stone Valley, Juzi Tomb, and Zhouji Crag and three renowned springs: Lifesaving Spring, Wolong Spring and so on. The gingko tree in the courtyard is more than 3,500 years old. It is 26.3 meters high and 15.7 meters in girth, so it is named “the biggest gingko tree in the world”, and some people call it “the ancestor of the gingko trees”. It stands toweringly. Looked from a remote place, it is like a massif and also a coiling dragon and a crouching tiger with overpowering momentum. It resembles a canopy and shelters several mu. The millennium ancient temple is the place where the literary theory critic Liu Xie proofread the sutra after coming back from the north in his late years, which was more than 1,500 years ago. It is one of the oldest temples in Shandong Province.


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Take No.1 bus in Ju County and get off at Fulai Mountain Scenic Spot

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★ Tips Wenxin Guesthouse is a hotel which provides services like food, accommodation, recreation, body-building and so forth. It can receive big tourist teams with a moderate price. Telephone: 6222706; There are other hotels, such as Huaqiao Hotel (Telephone: 6221855), Huaxin Hotel (Telephone: 6210222), Zhengyang Ge Hotel (Telephone: 6261888), which provide characteristic typical local dish and other high-quality service. Best time for tourists: all the year around

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