Jiuxian Mountain Scenic Spot

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Brief introduction to the scenic spot

With steep mountains, emerald vegetation, and ancient culture, Jiuxian Mountain’s main sightseeing product type is formed. Jiuxian Mountain is rich in strange types of stones, caverns, springs, and waterfalls. From the beautiful sinuous ravines to the magnificent springs and waterfalls, from the mysterious landscape to the ancient history and culture, none of them is not liked by the tourists, which become places of interest. Jiuxian Mountain’s wild azaleas natural protection area is known for its beauty of flowers, variety of kinds, and extensiveness of area. It is not only unusual within the provincial territory, but also rare in North China.

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How to Get There?
Take the bus (Wulian County to Songbai Village) and get off at Songbai Village. Then take a cab to Jiuxian Mountain.

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★ Tips: Jiuxian Mountain is part of Wulian Mountain Scenic Spot. It is separated with Wulian Mountain by a gully. Jiuxian Mountain’s featured route: Thousands of mu of Azaleas Garden-Longtan Canyon-Boots Stones-Sun Bin Academy-Old Mother Pavilion. Best time for tourists: all the year around

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