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Wan Pingkou Scenic Spot

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Wan Pingkou is one of the places that you should definitely visit when you visit Rizhao City and the area. The coast line is around four kilometers with long beaches, beautiful sand and stable waves. Tourists can easily visit Rizhao City and Wan Pingkou is a great place to listen to waves and watch the beautiful sea.

Things to Do

What Makes This Area So Popular 

Tourists can stay in the Fishing Park and Shibei Park where there are precious fishes and large multicolored clams bred. Visitors can fish, enjoy the tide and marvel at the glory of the nature. Visitors can enjoy the sunsets and sunrises. Speed boats are available to enjoy the gorgeous scenery. 

Wan Pingkou Scenic Spot

Wan Pingkou Scenic Spot

The Beach

The Beach

A Paradise for Visitors 

Tourists can bathe in the sea, play volleyball on the beach and fish for entertainment. Wan Pingkou is also home to the second largest Asian lagoon. Beautiful geographical position, great climate and convenient transportation makes this location a perfect paradise for visitors in China as well as those from abroad to take a break and relax.

An Emerging Tourist Location 

Wan Pingkou is located in the gorgeous coastal Rizhao City in the Shandong province. In the last few years, this location has quickly become popular. The Rizhao Coast and Wan Pingkou are both visited by thousands of tourists. The beautiful coastline of the area covers an area of almost 760,000 sq meters and is 5000 meters long. The average annual temperature in the area is 12.6 Celsius. The winters are quite warm and pleasant and summers are not very hot. 

Attractions Located Nearby

To the south of Wan Pingkou is the scenic lighthouse of Rizhao Port, to the west is the beautiful Cherry Orchard, the urban, new Botanical Garden and in the north is the Tourist Resort and the Botanical Garden, all offering convenient transportation and strategic location.  

The Origin of the Name 

Wan Pingkou is a natural harbor located within its lagoon. During the past dynasties, 10,000 ships used to safely arrive at its port. This provided the name to Wan Pingkou, which means everything here is safe. 

Ecological Park 

The scenic spot of the ecological park is the tourist area’s central area and a marine and zoology themed park. The philosophy of the park is the harmonious coexistence of nature and man. The park offers parking, entertainment, shopping, dining as well as many other facilities and conveniences. The ecological park is a very important symbol for Rizhao City and it opened the city up to the entire world, offering a great window to the city with its city entertainment hall and public recreation.

The Lagoon 

The lagoon in Wan Pingkou is the second largest in Asia. It has a beautiful bridge over the lagoon and is the place where the first ever water sports championship had been held in China. It was also home to 470 world championships as well as European level water sports.

The Lighthouse

The area that is home to the lighthouse has been divided into various residential areas, apartments, recreational areas and squares. The area covers 464,800 sq m. the lighthouse is located close to the slope of sea grass and it seems to the anchor in the natural environment with the sculpture, beach, reefs and the ocean setting off one another.

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Rizhao City, Shandong Province

How to Get There?

Wan Pingkou can be reached by tourist cabs, special buses or by bus numbers 1,5 and 6.

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Opening Hours:
All day

More Tips:

Sea and Sunshine Streets are home to various cafes, product markets and food stores. The current handicraft market is the best serving, standard and the largest tourist markets in the country today. Summer and spring are the best times to visit. 

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