Wang Jiazao Folk Custom Traveling Village

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Brief introduction to the scenic spot

When the tourists are traveling in Wang Jiazao Folk Custom Traveling Village characterized as “living in the fishing house, having the fishing household food, driving the fishing ship, and doing the fishing work”, they may not only live on the seashore and eat seafood, but also drive ships to the sea, experiencing the width of the sea and the feeling of fishing under the leadership of the fishermen. Moreover, they can drive the ship on their own under the instruction of the boatman, which makes the tourists change from viewing on the seashore passively to bathing on the sea actively. In the evening, they can cook their own gains in the house where they live, and listen to the fables of the sea and the customs told by the fishermen. Thus, the tourists can have a better understanding of the fishing culture, learn some knowledge of the sea and how to calculate the tide fluctuation time. Furthermore, the tourists may also make snacks, like shrimp paste and shrimp skins, and so on with the help of the fishermen and bring the products home and enjoy them.

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How to Get There?
Take a taxi or the No.10 bus at the railway station to Wang Jiazao Station

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Opening Hours:
All day

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Best time for tourists: all the year around

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