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Wulian Mountain Scenic Spot

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Brief introduction to the scenic spot

Wulian Mountain Scenic Spot is a province-level forest park and natural protection area, and also a national AAAA scenic area. Wulian Mountain has verdant trees, beautiful and steep mountains with birds hovering around the valley and mountain springs winding around the brooks and waterfalls. Various fine scenes characterize the scenic spot with wonderfulness, elegance, danger, strangeness, quietness, spaciousness, and mysteriousness, seven characteristics. There are 49 peaks, 20 caverns, 18 waterfalls, 16 deep pools, 5 ponds, 4 gorges and so on. None of them does not disclose the wonder of nature and the ingenuity of the God. Many men of letters have been lingering over Wulian Mountain Scenic Spot since Tang and Song dynasties (618AD-1297AD), leaving masterpieces for generations, so it also has an elegant name called “a place abundant in poetry and proses”. According to textual research, the number of people who left poems or articles in the scenic spot amounts to hundreds.

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How to Get There?
Take the bus (Wulian County to Kouguan Town) and get off at Wulian Mountain.

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More Tips:
Tips: (1) It takes about four hours to travel around Wulian Mountain. (2) There are Wulian Jindu Hotel, Wulian Friendship Guesthouse, Wulian Mountain Azaleas Restaurant in the vicinity. (3) The activities that the scenic spot often holds: The temple fair on March every year, April 10th-April 20th; Wulian Mountain fair, April 20th-May 15th, Wild Azaleas Festival, Mountain-climbing competition on May 1st; (4) Tourist guide is available, fee for the instruction: RMB30/above 3 persons; RMB20/fewer than 3 persons; Best time for tourists: all the year around

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