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Bamboo rafting on Luohe Rive

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/5

Luohe River rises from Guanju Mountain in Luonan County in Shaanxi Province. The river flows east through Xiong’er County in Shaanxi, Lushi, Luoning and Yiyang counties in Henan and joins Yi River in the east of Luoyang City and flows northeast into Gong County and flows into Yellow River. Luohe River is 453 km long and has a drainage area of more than 12,000 sq km. Luohe River is reputed as the “warm river” because the river doesn’t freeze in winter. Luohe used to be an important water way in the past. Nowadays, Luohe River is still crystal clear and is the only river which has not been polluted in Henan Province now. The scenery of green mountains along the river is very beautiful.

Bamboo rafting on Luohe River starts at Mayiling Village in Mokou Township and ends at Jiangcao Village in Hengjian Township. The whole rafting distance is 7 km, and it takes 1 hour and a half to finish the rafting. There is a special rafter who steers the raft for the tourists, so the tourists can enjoy the scenes along the winding river, which is sometimes quiet and sometimes rushing. In short, bamboo rafting on Luohe River is a perfect way for people to escape from the busy life in big cities and enjoy the nature.

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