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Sanmenxia Dam

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Built in 1957, Sanmenxia Dam is the first large water-control project situated on the main stream of Yellow River. The principal structure of Sanmenxia Dam is concrete gravitation dam, with an installed capacity of 400,000 kw. The dam is 875.2 meters long, and the highest point is 106 meters. Sanmenxia Dam stands towering among the steep gorges, making a splendid scene on Yellow River.

There are many other tourist attractions at Sanmenxia Dam Scenic Spot. The islands of the “three gates”, namely the “people’s gate”, “ghost gate” and the “God’s gate”, tell the story of how Dayu, the ancient emperor, split the mountain into three gorges. Tourists can also study the ancient Yellow River plank road built along the cliffs and the ancient water transport on Yellow River. There are some historic sites, such as Zhang Gong Island (the island was named after a boatman whose surname was Zhang. Gong is a term of address for an elderly man). As the legend goes, there were a lot of accidents on the Sanmenxia part of Yellow River because of the surging waves. Zhang built a house on the island and navigated the passing boats). What’s more, there are Dayu Park with magnificent natural scenery, the Greeting Guests (Yingbing) Pavilion and Yellow River Exhibition Hall, which combines both arts of the east and west, and the Sino-Japanese Friendship Orchard.

Sanmenxia Dam, together with the surrounding scenery, takes on different scenes all year. In winter and spring when the water level is high, you can enjoy the scene of a grand lake rippling with green wavelets. In summer when the flood is released, you can see a huge waves flowing down vigorously.

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take a bus from Sanmenxi Bus Station

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