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Site of Yangshao Culture

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With an area of 300,000 sq. meters, Yangshao Village is a famous site of the New Stone Age culture in China. The cultural site is 2 meters deep, and the deepest point is 4 meters deep. From the lowest point to the earth surface the site is divided into the middle stage of Yangshao Culture, the late stage of Yangshao Culture, early stage of Longshan Culture (successor of Yangshao Culture) and the middle stage of Longshan Culture.

Yangshao Culture Site was first discovered by Anderson, a Swedish, in 1921. Large amounts of stone tools of axe, shovel, hoe, knife, and bone pricks and bone needles have been found here. The most spectacular part in Yangshao culture is the exquisite ancient painted pottery, such as the potteries of cooking vessels, pots, bowls, basins, earthen bowls, cups, urns and jars. The delicate decorative patterns on the pottery include those of broad bands, nets, flower leaves, fish, string and geometric patterns.

In March, 1961, Yangshao Culture Site was ratified by the Chinese State Department as a major historic and cultural site under state protection.

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