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Yuxi Gorge Scenic Spot

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Dacong Pool Waterfall: the waterfall has a drop of 30 meters and a width of 10 meters. Looking like a huge exclamation mark or a flying white cloth, the waterfall roars its way down into big pool downside, where many fish, shrimps and crabs inhabit. With water drops flying everywhere, the waterfall sounds like thunders from far away and drums from closer places, and makes a magnificent view to visitors.

Foot washing pond: the pond was named “Foot Washing” because it is said that once Liuxiu washed his feet here [actually, many legends are related to Liuxiu here. Liu was a member of the Western Han (206 BC - 24 AD) imperial family. He re-established Han supremacy through what has become known as the Eastern Han Dynasty (25 - 220 AD). What should be mentioned here is another man named Wangmang, who is a key person in the following legends about the scenes in Western Henan Scenic Spot. At the end of the Western Han Dynasty, Wangmang, a distant relative of the royal family, usurped the throne of the Liu family. Although condemned as a usurper, Wangmang wished to retrieve the glory of the Han by adopting policies described in the Confucian classics. However, despite his efforts, Wangmang was still unwelcome because of his inapposite policies. In 17 AD, a countrywide rebellion broke out. In 25 AD, Liuxiu’s army defeated the army of Wangmang, putting an end to the short-lived Xin Dynasty (8-25).
In the same year, Liuxiu re-established the Han Dynasty in Hebei Province, making Luoyang City his capital city. Historians call the later Han Empire the Eastern Han Dynasty, which lasted for 195 years]. There is a natural stone chair which has backrest and armrest beside the pond. It is said that if you wash your feet here, you will be healthy and live a long life.  

Shield stone and shield cliff: As the legend goes, once when Wangman sent his soldiers to chase Liuxiu, they reached the place where the present shield stone and the shield cliff are. The soldiers shot arrows at Liu to kill him. Liu saw a huge stone then and hid behind it quickly. The huge stone saved Liu’s life. Today, you can still see a lot of small holes on the stone and the cliffs, where the soldiers had shot their arrows at.

Heaven dog looking at the moon: there are two pieces of big stones on a hill. The stones look like two lively dogs, with one looking like the front of the dog, and the other looking like the silhouette of a dog.

Well in the pool: there is a hole in the pool. The hole is about 2 meters deep and looks like a deep well.

Horse watering trough: it is a very interesting scene here. This part of the stream looks like a trough, while the rocks aside look like the horses. So you can see the scene of horses lowering their heads to drink water from the trough-like stream here and there as the water level rises or falls in the stream.

Three-terraced gorge: here is another interesting story of Liuxiu. The three-terraced gorge includes the Pearl Pool and the Vestal Virgin (Zhennv) Pool and Yuyuan Pool at the upper stream. There are three terraces of pools with three waterfalls connecting them together, thus forming a unique scene here. As the story goes, when Liuxiu was chased by Wangmang, he was very exhausted when he reached the place. Liu bent over to drink some water from the pool. It was very strange that when he reached down for water, the river lowered by itself so that Liu couldn’t get the water. He did it for a second time, it happened once again. Then, a girl called Quanjiu went up to help Liu to drink water. She scooped up water with her hands and asked Liu to drink. Every time she held water from the pool, the riverbed lowered down a little. Then after she held water for three times, the river beds had lowered down for three times and the three waterfalls had been formed. It is also said Liu and Quanjiu fell in love with each other at first glance. After Liu left the place and went east, the girl waited for him to come back beside the pool for years.

Arc pond: Also called the tile pond. The pond got the name because it looked like two pieces of tiles. It is said that Quanjiu used the tiles when she was waiting for Liuxiu here.

Dragon bath pool: it is said to be the place where Liuxiu took bath (In ancient China, dragon was the symbol of the emperor. Liu became the first emperor of Eastern Han Dynasty later). The murmuring stream, the lush forest and colorful cliffs on both sides of the pond make a magnificent scene here. There is a long stone with the shape of a dragon lying in the middle of the pool as if it were taking a bath.

Crouching Dragon Stream and Decree Drying Rock: As the legend goes, at the end of Western Han Dynasty, Liuxiu got a secret decree from the former emperor when he left the palace. The decree said that when he arrived at a place called Dacong Pool, there will be a dragon waiting there. That was an auspicious sign, which meant he wound succeed and become a king after suffering hardships and dangers. Liu was not able to understand the meaning of the decree until he arrived at Dacong Pool and got to know that the pool was the place where Dacong ascended to heaven and became an immortal (there were many stories about Dacong. One story goes that Dacong was a son of Dragon King, sea and rain god in Chinese mythology. He was demoted to the mortal world for he helped people in Lushi County too much, which was against the law of the heaven. Then he became a farm laborer in the country, but he still did a lot to help people. Finally, he was able to ascend to heaven and become a god). Liu was very happy then because he realized the prophecy that he would be an emperor in the future. Then he felt thirsty and bent down to take water to drink with his hands. Suddenly the decree fell into the pool. Liu ordered his men to take the decree out and put it on a rock to dry it. It is quite strange that all the characters disappeared after the decree dried, and the dragon pattern on the back of the decree had penetrated into the rock. At that moment a dragon happened to pass that pool, so Liuxiu asked it to fly into the pool and guardian the decree. Today people can still see on the rock some bright colors, which look like the dragon pattern on the back of the decree. And the place was called crouching dragon stream and decree drying rock from then on.

Lover’s pool: it is said that Liuxiu and Quanjiu often dated near the pool. The two stones near the pool were so moved by their romance that they also wanted to have a try. So they began to move bit by bit to each other then. After hundreds of years, they seem to be nearer to each other now. Nowadays, the two stones seem be together when seen from a far distance. Even seen from a closer point, they are quite close. So the two stones are called “kissing stones”. It is believed that those who walk under the “kissing stones” will have a happy marriage life.

Shear’s pool: the pool got the name because it looks like a pair of shears. On the cliff on the right side of the pool is a pattern of a pair of shears.

Boiling water pool: The current here is swift, and the pool is deep. As the story goes, once when Wangmang chased Liuxiu, Liu and his soldiers were thirsty and very tired when they arrived at the place. Then Liu ordered his men to collect firewood and start to cook food. They had nearly boiled the water when the piquet came to report that the enemy was near. When the panicked soldiers moved about, they knocked the big pot of boiling water over. Then a boiling water pool formed. Under the pool is a deep hole, which looks like a kitchen range. So the pool is called the boiling water pool.

Liuxiu Lake: this is a man-made lake which has an area of 30,000 sq meters and is 8 meters deep. The scenery here is beautiful. It is very good to steer boat on the lake and you can also taste the local food in the restaurants around the lake.

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