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Highway transport

Sanmenxia City also has a convenient highroad transport. Two National Highroads, G310 (Lianyungang-Tianshui in Gansu Province) from east to west and G209 (Huhehot, the capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region ---Beihai in Guangxi Province) from north to south run through the city. The Yellow River Highroad Bridge in Sanmenxia City connects Henan and Shanxi Province. What’s more, the Luoyang ---Sanmenxia Highway is under construction now, which will make the transport in Sanmenxia City more convenient in the future.

Sanmenxia Long Distance Bus Terminal: 0398-2886061

Railway transport

Sanmenxia City enjoys a convenient railway transport, with Longhai ( Lanzhou in Gansu Province---Lianyungang in Jiangsu Province) Railroad running from west to east. Trains from Zhengzhou , Luoyang to Xi’an pass Sanmenxia. Train K761 from Zhengzhou to Xi’an passes Sanmenxi at 14:42 and gets at Xi’an at 18:26. And Train K762 from Xi’an to Zhengzhou passes Sanmenxia at 15:28 and gets at Zhengzhou at 19:00. K118 from Panzhihua (in southwestern Sichuan ) passes Sanmenxia at 17:24 and gets at Beijing at 5:50.

There are two railway stations in Sanmenxia City: Sanmenxia Railway Station and Western Sanmenxia Railway Station. Buses No. 1 and No. 2 run to Sanmenxia Railway Station and No.5 runs to the Western Railway Station.

Sanmenxia Railway Station

Ticket office in Sanmenxia City: 0398-2821169---2020 (extension number)

Ticket Office in Yuncheng County: 0359-2080440

Sleeper ticket and group ticket reservation: 0398-3843141, 3843132

Sanmenxia Western Railway Station

Ticket reservation:0398-3841432, 3803035, 0359-2080440, 2022795

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