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Dragon Mountain

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The Dragon Mountain, a southeastern extension of the Wuyi Mountain, got its name from the legend that a dragon once lived there. The mountain, covering an area of 63.85 square kilometers, is home to high-rising peaks (the highest is 1,624 meters above sea level), meandering streams, and virgin forests.

The Dragon Mountain State Natural Reserve has a 60,000-mu virgin forest, which is among the largest of its kind in the country, and nearly 300 different kinds of trees, including some very rare ones, are found here. The mountain is also a paradise for wild animals such as tigers, leopards, bears, monkeys, antelope, foxes, giant salamander, and birds.  


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Visitors can get there by tourist shuttle buses from Sanming, Jiangle and Minxi.

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Recommended time for staying: Half a day.

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