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Residence of The Ming Defense Minister

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The compound, commonly known as Wufutang (Five-fortune Hall), was the residence of defense minister Li Chunye of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Built in the 1620s, the residence has over 120 rooms and covers an area of 5,220 square meters. The spectacular residence was built with bricks, stone and timber. A typical residence of high court officials of the 17th century, the compound is home of numerous tablets, stone and wood carvings and other ancient relics. Although the residence is more than 400 years old, visitors can still feel the grandeur and stateliness of its former master. There are on the compound museums of waxworks and local folk customs.

Shenglierjie, where the residence is located, is the only well-reserved ancient street in Taining, and a large number of Ming buildings are found there. Locals still get their drinking water from wells dug in the Longqin and Wanli eras of the Ming Dynasty.

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Visitors can get there by tourist shuttle buses from Sanming and Taining

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Recommended time for staying: Half a day.

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