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Taining County is situated in the northwest of Fujian Province with the annual average temperature of 17 centigrade. The rainy seasons last from March to June. The tourist time lasts for more than 300 days because of this advantaged climate condition. Taining is a newly tourist county with various tourist resources, diverse folk customs, natural view and historical relics. No wonder it is said that Taining is a tourist attraction where people can relax themselves and take comfort.

Taining is a boom tourist area, whose tourist resources are unique and have the greatest development potential. It is prominently shown in its diversity, leisure and culture. First of all, in Taining, there is Bailijin Lake with the most biologically diverse Danxia landforms, Mt. Jinrao, the second highest mountain in Fujian Province and Jinlong Valley which is celebrated as the Grand View Garden of valleys. Secondly, seven scenic spots have been presented, consisting of Jin Lake, Zhuangyuan Rock, Shangqing River, Jiulong Lake and Taining Ancient City. There are various types of scenic spots, including deep valleys, steep precipice mountain, queer stones, deep ponds, clear water, winding streams, rare birds and layout of the ancient city. It is rare that a county has so many different kinds of scenic spots.

The environment of air in Taining is fresh and clean due to large amount of negative ion of oxygen in the air, for the coverage rate of forest in the scenic areas of Taining is more than 90 percent. In such pure and fresh air, tourists can enjoy cruising on the Jin Lake, having a hair-raising experience of whitewater rafting, visiting Geological Museum and going mountain climbing.

The tourist resources

With superior geographical position and natural conditions, Taining is rich in tourist resources, including the sight of water areas, biology, historical sites, shopping, leisure and health-building exercises, of which the green hills, clear water and red cliffs are famous all over the world. Developed for several years, Taining possesses a number of scenic areas such as Jin Lake, Shangqing stream, Taining Ancient City and Jiulongtan. At present, Taining takes aquatic Danxia landform as the base, blending of the ancient buildings, folk customs and traditional operas, which are of high value in viewing and admiring.

The natural scenery

World Geopark of Taining, which is composed mainly of Danxia landform, covers an area of 492 square kilometers, presenting a peculiar mixture of lakes, rivers, pools, waterfalls and other water landscapes. World geopark of Taining features Danxia on the water, a spectacular sight of caves, pristine ecology and deep mountain valleys. Forests grow thick and green in Taining. Taining is evaluated “excellent tourist county of China” and “the top-notch charm scenic area”. And it won the nomination of World Heritage in 2009.

In Taining, there are a large number of things that are worth enjoying. Such as one of the best preserved and largest civil building complexes in China which is also a state-level key heritage conservation units, Meilin Opera Troupe, honored Number One Opera Troupe by the Ministry of Culture, included in the first national list of intangible cultural heritage protection projects by State Council in June 2006, the original rough exorcising dance possessing both the characteristics of game, body building, culture of martial art and cultural properties as entertainment, game, fitness and military typical power. The traditional folk custom character and style have provided the congenital superiority for developing tourism in Taining.

Tourists in Taining not only enjoy the natural scenery, but think highly of the rich culture underlying the scenery. Taining County vigorously tap the original folk custom culture and look for new culture symbols by holding all kinds of folk song contests. In recent years, Taining County has developed civil architecture; the silver-decoration-art culture, the traditional dietetic culture and fish culture.


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