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The Dajin Lake

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The Dajin Lake is a dammed section of the Jinxi River. A dam was built on the Jinxi River in 1980 for the construction of a hydro-power plant. The huge artificial lake, which is about 38 square kilometers and contains some 700 million cubic meters of water, looks just like an enormous crescent. The huge lake is also called the one-hundred-li Jinhu Lake for the 62-kilometer distance from Taining to the dam.

The Dajin Lake is deep and green in color, with numerous islands and gulfs. And between the beautiful green mountains and the lake, there are waterfalls going down from sheer cliffs, ancient temples, tranquil villages, farm houses, fishing boats and old trees. It is just like a poetic landscape painting.

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Visitors can get there by tourist shuttle buses from either Sanming or Taining county.

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Recommended time for staying: Half a day.

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