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The Ruiyun Mountain

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The landscape was formed as the result of volcanic eruptions of the Cretaceous period, more than one hundred million years ago. The mountain is featured by sky-scraping peaks, spectacular rocks, ancient temples, thick rattan, and serene valleys. There near the crater is a piece of rock which resembles a Buddha, and this is probably the largest natural stone Buddha in China. The thousand-year-old Ruiyun Temple, which was built in a huge cave, is unique in that it hosts not only Buddhist but also Taoist monks, and here the practitioners of the two religions get along very well. 

The mountain is rich in tourist resources and the climate is superb, with an average temperature of 18-19℃, it is never too hot in Summer or too cold in Winter. Forests cover about 95% of the land area, and many of the trees are very precious species and have been put under state protection. The mountain is also the home of cycad, a tree known as “living fossil.” Botanists from many parts of the world have visited this region to conduct field study.

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Visitors can take a tourist shuttle bus there.

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Recommended time for staying: Half a day.

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