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The skin of the steamed bun is as thin as paper, the color is as ...]]>De Maogong lucid cakeThu 30 Oct 2014 14:07:00 GMTchinatravelhttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/product/de-maogong-lucid-cake/SELECT top 1 Location + filename + '-s' + pictype as picurl FROM dbo.Web_Photo WHERE (VResourceSN = 5848) AND (ServiceType = 7) ORDER BY dateEdit DESCMausoleum of the First Qin EmperorThu 30 Oct 2014 11:40:00 GMTdavidhttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/attraction/mausoleum-of-the-first-qin-emperor/ Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang ( also called Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor) stands at the foot of Mount. Li , 30km east to Xian. Its south backs on to Mount. Li and its north touches the Wei River. The big Mausoleum integrates with Mount. Li, offering unique landscape for sightseeing. In 246 BC, after Qin Shihuang (means the first emperor of the state of Qin in Chinese) ascended the throne of Qin ( a state in that period), he ordered to build his final resting palace. This authoritative e...]]>SELECT top 1 Location + filename + '-s' + pictype as picurl FROM dbo.Web_Photo WHERE (VResourceSN = 13) AND (ServiceType = 7) ORDER BY dateEdit DESCShaanxi Historical MuseumThu 30 Oct 2014 10:14:00 GMTdavidhttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/attraction/shaanxi-historical-museum/ This large, modern State museum is situated at the western side of the Wild Goose Pagoda in Xian City. The exhibits on the ground and first floors are grouped into the Basic Exhibition Hall, the Theme Exhibition Hall and East Exhibition Hall. As well as the chronological dynastic displays including the Han, Wei, Jin, North and South, Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, the pre-historical and bronze period exhibits, together with terra cotta figures and murals from tombs of the Tan...]]>SELECT top 1 Location + filename + '-s' + pictype as picurl FROM dbo.Web_Photo WHERE (VResourceSN = 5845) AND (ServiceType = 7) ORDER BY dateEdit DESCMount Li Forest ParkThu 30 Oct 2014 8:47:00 GMTdavidhttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/attraction/mount-li-forest-park/ Mount. Li, a north-side branch of the Qinling Mountains, reaches 1256 meters and over 20 km long from east to west. From a distance, the mountain is spectacular and imposing as it appears like a bold stallion about to gallop. The mountain also has been described as being so attractive and charming that there are now many folk tales attached to it. The mountain is home to some ancient and historic buildings. Among them is the Laojun Palace and the relics of Huaqing Palace Court. It once se...]]>SELECT top 1 Location + filename + '-s' + pictype as picurl FROM dbo.Web_Photo WHERE (VResourceSN = 6108) AND (ServiceType = 7) ORDER BY dateEdit DESCFolk Custom Museum of the Central Shaanxi PlainThu 30 Oct 2014 7:17:00 GMTdavidhttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/attraction/folk-custom-museum-of-the-central-shaanxi-plain/ The Folk-Custom Museum of the Central Shaanxi Plain is located at the foot of the Mountain South-Wutai, covering 571 acres, including structure acreage of 100,000 ㎡. The total investment on the museum is as much as 607.33 million RMB since it is one of the most important projects in the governments 11th 5-year construction plan of the Changan District in Xian City. There are exhibition halls, galleries, deposit centers, convention centers and folk residences (more than 20 dwellings dating fro...]]>Qujiangchun RestaurantThu 30 Oct 2014 6:40:00 GMTLovechinahttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/restaurant/qujiangchun-restaurant/SELECT top 1 Location + filename + '-s' + pictype as picurl FROM dbo.Web_Photo WHERE (VResourceSN = 6493) AND (ServiceType = 7) ORDER BY dateEdit DESCXingqing Imperial PalaceThu 30 Oct 2014 1:19:00 GMTmeimeilihttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/attraction/xingqing-imperial-palace/ Xingqing Imperial Palace was Chinese political center and residence of Emperor Xuanzong in the Tang Dynasty. Emperor Xuanzong and his concubine Yang Yuhuan who was one of the 4 most beautiful women in ancient China loved to live in Xingqing Imperial Palace for a long time. Xingqing Imperial Palace was one of 3 imperial palaces in Changan (Xian) in the Tang Dynasty. Xingqing Imperial Palace has Xingqing Hall, Nanxun Hall, Datong Hall, Agilawood Pavilion,etc. In the east countryside of X...]]>SELECT top 1 Location + filename + '-s' + pictype as picurl FROM dbo.Web_Photo WHERE (VResourceSN = 439) AND (ServiceType = 7) ORDER BY dateEdit DESCHuashan MountainThu 30 Oct 2014 0:27:00 GMTdavidhttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/attraction/huashan-mountain/ Mount. Hua is located some 240 kilometers away from Xian, approximately a two and half hours drive. It is one of the five sacred mountains in China. Mount. Hua is well-known for its sheer cliffs and plunging ravines. It is the most dangerous mountain in China for climbers. There are five peaks in the mountain, among which the most famous three are Sunrise Peak( East Peak), Lotus Flower Peak( West Peak), Falling Goose Peak( South Peak). The Sunrise Peak is a fine place to enjoy the sunris...]]>SELECT top 1 Location + filename + '-s' + pictype as picurl FROM dbo.Web_Photo WHERE (VResourceSN = 6107) AND (ServiceType = 7) ORDER BY dateEdit DESCHanyao Ruins ParkWed 29 Oct 2014 17:00:00 GMTlotusbluehttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/attraction/hanyao-ruins-park/Hanyao Ruins Park is the first large-scale theme park focusing on nuptial amenity and customs. It is located in the southeast of the Qujiang district in Xian city, with the Qujiang Ruins Park, the Great Wild Goose Pagoda, the Lotus Palace of Tang Dynasty and the Sleepless Town of Tang dynasty surrounding. The Hanyao Ruins Park is also one of the six ruins park projects in the New Qujiang District. It will cover 188.75 acres after completing, including park of 60 acres and other functional areas ...]]>SELECT top 1 Location + filename + '-s' + pictype as picurl FROM dbo.Web_Photo WHERE (VResourceSN = 1380) AND (ServiceType = 16) ORDER BY dateEdit DESCDefachang RestaurantWed 29 Oct 2014 6:11:00 GMTLovechinahttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/restaurant/defachang-restaurant/Used to be called De Fa Chang Dumpling Restaurant, De Fa Chang Hotel is located at Anban Street ,beside East-Street of Xi'an. It is hotel which is famous both at home and abroad for its serving dumpling banquets, including Peking flavored dumplings, Qishang roast chicken, Huanggui chou jiu (sweet and thick rice-liquor of golden-yellow cassia), steamed dumplings stuffed with mashed red beans, steamed dumpling stuffed with shrimp. It also has some fine Chinese dishes, such as flowers with fish bel...]]>SELECT top 1 Location + filename + '-s' + pictype as picurl FROM dbo.Web_Photo WHERE (VResourceSN = 6080) AND (ServiceType = 7) ORDER BY dateEdit DESCThe Site of Chang'an of the Han DynastyWed 29 Oct 2014 6:00:00 GMTlotusbluehttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/attraction/the-site-of-chang'an-of-the-han-dynasty/The Site of Chang'an of the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD) is located about five kilometers northwest of today's Xi'an city, the capital of Shaanxi Province. Chang'an city was first built during the period of the Western Han Dynasty (206BC-25AD). The ruins of this city are just separated by Longshouyuan Mountains from the ruins of another city, the capital of the Tang Dynasty (618AD-907AD), which was also named Chang'an. The Chang'an city of the Han Dynasty was very large in area with exquisite desig...]]>SELECT top 1 Location + filename + '-s' + pictype as picurl FROM dbo.Web_Photo WHERE (VResourceSN = 1736) AND (ServiceType = 7) ORDER BY dateEdit DESCCave DwellingWed 29 Oct 2014 4:36:00 GMTdavidhttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/attraction/cave-dwelling/ Overview In Shaanxi, cave dwellings can be seen everywhere, especially in Yanan and Yulin districts. Loess in plateau is sticky, hard and not easy to collapse. People living on the Loess Plateau of northern Shaanxi have been dwelling in cave houses since 4,000 years ago. Most caves houses are carved out of the mountains. Local villagers carve caves in a simple, cheap way. Whats more, cave houses are easy to heat in winter and cool in summer. Today, cave houses are still widely spread on...]]>Qingyazai RestaurantWed 29 Oct 2014 3:10:00 GMTLovechinahttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/restaurant/qingyazai-restaurant/SELECT top 1 Location + filename + '-s' + pictype as picurl FROM dbo.Web_Photo WHERE (VResourceSN = 2002) AND (ServiceType = 7) ORDER BY dateEdit DESCHuajue Xiang AlleyWed 29 Oct 2014 1:18:00 GMTdavidhttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/attraction/huajue-xiang-alley/ Huajue Alley is a narrow alley located between the Drum Tower and the Great Mosque in the center of the city. The 500-meter-long winding lane is a great place to pick souvenirs and antiques. Stalls sell a wide variety of items, ranging from local art crafts including well-embroidered cloth shoes, elegantly-carved China sculptures to fine handicrafts originated in the far southwest parts of China like some fine arts of Miao and Dong minorities line along the street. Most of the reside...]]>SELECT top 1 Location + filename + '-s' + pictype as picurl FROM dbo.Web_Photo WHERE (VResourceSN = 454) AND (ServiceType = 7) ORDER BY dateEdit DESCHuaqing Hot SpringWed 29 Oct 2014 0:36:00 GMTdavidhttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/attraction/huaqing-hot-spring/ At the foot of Mount.Li and 30 km from the historic city Xian, Huaqing Hot Springs also called Huaqing Palace has been a famous hot spring resort for centuries. Lying close to the capital Xian, with the charming scenery of Lishan as a backdrop, the natural hot springs has held great attraction for the emperors who set their capital in the northwest China province of Shaanxi. Since the Zhou dynasty, a series of feudal rulers of Qin, Han, Sui, Tang and other short-lived dynasties took this we...]]>SELECT top 1 Location + filename + '-s' + pictype as picurl FROM dbo.Web_Photo WHERE (VResourceSN = 2030) AND (ServiceType = 44) ORDER BY dateEdit DESCXian Ancient Culture and Art FestivalTue 28 Oct 2014 21:57:00 GMTjoycehttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/miscellaneous/xian-ancient-culture-and-art-festival/Venue: Xian Duration: Sep. 1 to Sep. 30 Category: Events and Festivals Xian Ancient Culture and Art Festival is a grand cultural tourism festival in Xian. It began to be held in the year 1990 and has been held from Sep. 1 to Sep. 30 annually since then, aiming to developing the excellent national traditional culture and promoting the culture and art exchange at home and abroad. Xian Ancient Culture and Art Festival assemble the essence of folk art in Shaanxi, containing various characte...]]>SELECT top 1 Location + filename + '-s' + pictype as picurl FROM dbo.Web_Photo WHERE (VResourceSN = 45) AND (ServiceType = 33) ORDER BY dateEdit DESCDumpling in Sour SoupTue 28 Oct 2014 12:23:00 GMTlotusbluehttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/food/dumpling-in-sour-soup/It is an old traditional snack with a history of more than 1, 000 years. The dumpling eaten in this way usually made of mutton fillings. When eating, people put mutton dumplings into the especially made sour soup. The sour soup in all contains 13 kinds of condiments including dried small shrimps, cooked sesame, minced caraway, minced leek, cattle oil, sesame oil, chicken oil, sugar vinegar and soy sauce....]]>SELECT top 1 Location + filename + '-s' + pictype as picurl FROM dbo.Web_Photo WHERE (VResourceSN = 5099) AND (ServiceType = 7) ORDER BY dateEdit DESCTang ParadiseTue 28 Oct 2014 8:25:00 GMTdavidhttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/attraction/tang-paradise/ The Tang Paradise(DaTang Furong Yuan), situated in Qujiang Economic Development District, south of Xian city, is the first and largest cultural theme park of the Royal Park of the Tang Dynasty in China. It is the largest simulated Tang-style building complex in the world. Located in the site of the relic of original royal garden, the Tang Paradise recurs the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty from various aspects: architecture, culture, business, politics, entertainment, sports and arts. Almost ...]]>Xian Dumpling Banquet RestaurantTue 28 Oct 2014 1:57:00 GMTLovechinahttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/restaurant/xian-dumpling-banquet-restaurant/