Xian Travel Guide, China Destinations, Travel Guide To Chinahttp://www.chinatravel.com/rssRSS-BoardSELECT top 1 Location + filename + '-s' + pictype as picurl FROM dbo.Web_Photo WHERE (VResourceSN = 3199) AND (ServiceType = 16) ORDER BY dateEdit DESCXian Muslim Food StreetMon 30 Nov 2015 0:52:00 GMTdavidhttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/restaurant/xian-muslim-food-street/ Xian Muslim Food Street is 500 meters long and 10 meters wide. The street has been the gathering place of exquisite Muslim food for centuries, with a wide diversity of tastes and strong ethnic delicacies. After years of rebuilding, the buildings here give prominence to the Islam style. Foods served include: Liu Yang Rou Paomo (Pancake slices with beef or mutton soup), Cured Beef and Mutton, Guangtang Steamed Bun, Shaozi noodles (noodles flavored with a layer of minced meat), fried persimmon c...]]>Potter WhistleWed 25 Nov 2015 10:33:00 GMTyourguidehttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/product/potter-whistle/Replica of Terracotta Warriors and HorsesSun 22 Nov 2015 19:55:00 GMTyourguidehttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/product/replica-of-terracotta-warriors-and-horses/Dongxinjie Night Food StreetThu 19 Nov 2015 5:07:00 GMTLovechinahttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/restaurant/dongxinjie-night-food-street/SELECT top 1 Location + filename + '-s' + pictype as picurl FROM dbo.Web_Photo WHERE (VResourceSN = 197) AND (ServiceType = 35) ORDER BY dateEdit DESCGrass KnotworkSun 15 Nov 2015 5:57:00 GMTsunnyhttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/product/grass-knotwork/Grass weaving mainly takes cornstalk tegument as raw material using various ways to make up many kinds of products. The most commonly three ways of grass weaving are plane knitting, twisting and plaiting....]]>SELECT top 1 Location + filename + '-s' + pictype as picurl FROM dbo.Web_Photo WHERE (VResourceSN = 195) AND (ServiceType = 35) ORDER BY dateEdit DESCHu County Farmer PaintingFri 13 Nov 2015 0:29:00 GMThttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/product/hu-county-farmer-painting/Focusing on the countryside life with line drawings of people, animals, flowers and birds these paintings are full of bold imagination and lifelikeness, colorful but simple. They mix roughness with details, which makes them unique....]]>SELECT top 1 Location + filename + '-s' + pictype as picurl FROM dbo.Web_Photo WHERE (VResourceSN = 471) AND (ServiceType = 7) ORDER BY dateEdit DESCYaozhou Ceramics KilnTue 10 Nov 2015 13:14:00 GMTdavidhttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/attraction/yaozhou-ceramics-kiln/ The Yaozhou Ceramic Kiln, first to be used to create ceramic in the Tang Dynasty, is one of the most famous ceramic kilns in ancient China. After the development during Five Dynasties and Ten States, the Yaozhou Ceramic Kiln reached its climax in the Song Dynasty and ended up its work in the last period of the Yuan Dynasty, with a long history of more than 800 years. It is renowned not only for its delicate ceramic, but also for its large scale, won it a title as Ten-li Kiln (a kiln site ...]]>Xiangzui Dapen Fish (fragrant fish in big basin)Mon 9 Nov 2015 1:55:00 GMTLovechinahttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/restaurant/xiangzui-dapen-fish-(fragrant-fish-in-big-basin)/SELECT top 1 Location + filename + '-s' + pictype as picurl FROM dbo.Web_Photo WHERE (VResourceSN = 196) AND (ServiceType = 35) ORDER BY dateEdit DESCCaneworkSun 8 Nov 2015 5:24:00 GMTsunnyhttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/product/canework/Canework made in Xian includes cane furniture, cane mat and cane knotwork. With bright color, the cane fibre is tough, elastic, rotproof and waterproof, which makes it possible to produce new items by mixing with bamboo, wood and plastic. Canework features handiness and being durable, they can make fine adornment....]]>Calligraphy StreetSun 8 Nov 2015 4:50:00 GMTnancyhttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/shop/calligraphy-street/SELECT top 1 Location + filename + '-s' + pictype as picurl FROM dbo.Web_Photo WHERE (VResourceSN = 45) AND (ServiceType = 33) ORDER BY dateEdit DESCDumpling in Sour SoupSat 7 Nov 2015 13:11:00 GMTlotusbluehttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/food/dumpling-in-sour-soup/It is an old traditional snack with a history of more than 1, 000 years. The dumpling eaten in this way usually made of mutton fillings. When eating, people put mutton dumplings into the especially made sour soup. The sour soup in all contains 13 kinds of condiments including dried small shrimps, cooked sesame, minced caraway, minced leek, cattle oil, sesame oil, chicken oil, sugar vinegar and soy sauce....]]>SELECT top 1 Location + filename + '-s' + pictype as picurl FROM dbo.Web_Photo WHERE (VResourceSN = 3498) AND (ServiceType = 16) ORDER BY dateEdit DESCChangtai Private KitchenSat 7 Nov 2015 11:19:00 GMTwendysonghttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/restaurant/changtai-private-kitchen/Changtai Private Kitchen is a hot-pot restaurant. Its hot-pot is famous for the pot material. All the pots are made of porcelain copper, so the hot-pot has another renowned name cloisonn Hot-pot. (Jingtailan Hot-pot). Besides the refined and elegant pots, the soup in the bottom of pots are also very special and nutritious, which is good for health. It is mainly cooked by chrysanthemum water with Licorice root, hawthorn, lemon, medlar, jujube, seaweed etc, tasting light and not greasy. Another...]]>Qujiangchun RestaurantSat 7 Nov 2015 1:02:00 GMTLovechinahttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/restaurant/qujiangchun-restaurant/Awa Castle Qinlin branchFri 6 Nov 2015 23:02:00 GMTmeimeilihttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/restaurant/awa-castle-qinlin-branch/SELECT top 1 Location + filename + '-s' + pictype as picurl FROM dbo.Web_Photo WHERE (VResourceSN = 3499) AND (ServiceType = 16) ORDER BY dateEdit DESCLiji JiaoTuanFri 6 Nov 2015 22:25:00 GMThttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/restaurant/liji-jiaotuan/Liji JiaoTuan (Fengdeng Road Restaurant) is a well-renown farm-flavored restaurant in Xian. It mainly offers local farm-flavored food and Shaanxi style cuisine. A variety of delicious farm-flavored food and cheap price attract large numbers of people. Recommended dish: Jiaotuan(Mixing food of different wheat flours) with acid soup, guokwei(big pancake) Hours: 10:00 - 23:00 Average consumption/person: 50 yuan Transport: Near Beishan Gate Stop, Bus 5,205,225,312 can get there. Consumption sty...]]>SELECT top 1 Location + filename + '-s' + pictype as picurl FROM dbo.Web_Photo WHERE (VResourceSN = 2007) AND (ServiceType = 44) ORDER BY dateEdit DESCThe Cultural Temple Fair of the West Market in the Tang DynastyFri 6 Nov 2015 15:48:00 GMTbigsisa246http://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/miscellaneous/the-cultural-temple-fair-of-the-west-market-in-the-tang-dynasty/The Cultural Temple Fair of the West Market in the Tang Dynasty is usually held from the second day to the fifteenth day of the first lunar month during Spring Festival in Xian of Shaanxi Province every year, attracting a crowd of tourists from everywhere. During the temple fair, visitors can admire the exotic performances from other countries and some traditional folk activities, including Xi'an City Walls performances, Big and Small Wild Goose Pagodas performances, the lion and dragon dance pe...]]>Xian RestaurantFri 6 Nov 2015 4:22:00 GMTLovechinahttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/restaurant/xian-restaurant/SELECT top 1 Location + filename + '-s' + pictype as picurl FROM dbo.Web_Photo WHERE (VResourceSN = 1847) AND (ServiceType = 35) ORDER BY dateEdit DESCTricolored Pottery of the Tang DynastyThu 5 Nov 2015 17:34:00 GMTyourguidehttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/product/tricolored-pottery-of-the-tang-dynasty/Tri-Colored Glazed Pottery of the Tang Dynasty or Tangsancai was the essence of Tang dynasty art. In the ancient Tang Dynasty over 1,000 years ago, people glazed tomb figures, pottery with three main colors, red, green and yellow. So later, people called these multi-color glazed items Tang San Cai. The yellow, green and red glazed ceramics are fired at high temperatures to give the finished porcelain an amazing colourful pattern. Products slimmer in shape were fired during the Jin Dynasty, a...]]>East Street (Dongda Jie)Thu 5 Nov 2015 8:16:00 GMThoneyhttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/shop/east-street-(dongda-jie)/Qingyazai RestaurantThu 5 Nov 2015 7:23:00 GMTLovechinahttp://www.chinatravel.com/shaanxi/xian/restaurant/qingyazai-restaurant/