Dongping State Forest Park

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With a luxuriance forest, limpid lakes and a wonderful ecological environment, Dongping State Forest Park is a good place to return to the nature. It is situated at the centre of Chongming Island which is the third largest island in China. The distance between Dongping State Forest Park to the county-Nanmen harbor is 12 kilometers. With a total area of 358 hectares, the Park is the biggest artificial Forest Park in the East China and the largest scale forest park in Shanghai. Dongping State Forest Park is a national four-A level scenery spot which even attracted the top Chinese central leaders such as Jiang Zemin and Zhu Rongji.

The park has a thousand acres field which is filled with more than 400 different types of lotus collected from the country. In summer, thousands of lotus flowers open in this area. There is a boat service which can bring visitors to the centre of the lotus field to enjoy lotus flowers closely.

There are a lot of entertainment activities in the park such as rock climbing, horse riding, imitable shooting, grass skating, etc. Originated in Germany, grass skating is a new recreational program liked by thousands of young people. With well-appointed skating equipments, visitor can experience an adventurous and safe green journey. Dongping Grass Skating Resort covering more than 10,000 square meters is the only grass skating resort in Shanghai. It also own a Golf field of 30,000 square meters which is the largest golf driving range in a park.

Barbecue is another popular activity in Dongping State Forest Park. Visitors are not allowed to bring their own stoves and a rental charcoal stove costs 30 CNY one time. Shopping at the South Gate’s supermarket or preparing some food in advance is the main choice for barbecue. Paddling on a bike will make the trip in Dongping State Forest Park easier. It costs 10 CNY to rent a bike for an hour and 50 CNY for a day.

Self Drive Tour

It is a good idea to drive to Chongming Island because the bus takes 2 or 3 hours. The drive route: Middle Ring Line-Xiangyin Tunnel- Wuzhou Avenue - Changjiangsui Bridge-Chenjia town –Chenhai Road- Jianshe Road/Panlong Road/Gangdong Road-Beiyan Road- Dongping State Forest Park

Editor Comment: Dongping State Forest Park is a great place for people to return to the nature in the East China.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Nanmen Harbor, Chongming, Shanghai City 

How to Get There?

Line Shenchong at North District Bus Station, Line Nandong and Line Nanjiang at Chongming South Gate Bus station can reach Dongping National Forest Park. No.5 of Shanghai Tourism Line can still bring visitors to the park.

Ticket Price:

70 CNY per person

Opening Hours:


More Tips:

Chongming has a subtropical monsoon climate, so people can visit Dongping National Forest Park all the year round.

Tel: 021-59338266
The Surrounding Scenery: Chongming Museum, Dong Tan Migratory Bird Protection Area and Jinao Mountain are also on Chongming Island.

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